Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I miss about Brazil

My Man was transferred to Brazil in October 2004, and it was love at first sight. We left a part of us there when we moved to Arizona in June 2009.

I ache for ...

  • JeaneGeorgiaGildaRenataGiseldaGenyFernanda...
  • The young women
  • Maracuja (passion fruit to you)
  • Freakin' GOOD mangoes
  • Freakin' GOOD pineapple
  • Freakin' GOOD watermelon
  • Fresh juice everywhere you go
  • Green, green, green
  • Gorgeous flowers and trees
  • Padarias (bakeries) on every corner- hmmmm
  • Pao de Frances (special 'French bread')
  • The weather
  • The macaws squawking outside my window
  • Cutting in line when you're pregnant or if you have kids under two years old
  • CAKE
  • Salgadinhos - 'specially cheese balls with hot sauce
  • Beaches
  • Monsoons
  • The hugs
  • The touchie-feely-ness
  • Smell of the streets at lunch hour
  • Fresh tubs of garlic
  • Cheap manicures - and the fact that everyone gets them (R$15 for both hands and feet - half that in dollars!)
  • Cheap help - maids will "white glove" clean your house every day for $150 a month
  • Feeling needed - being able to help lots of people
  • Their humility
  • Their economy - buying only what they need
  • Their general optimism and happiness that they exude at every step
  • Negotiating any and every price
  • Shoe shops that fix your favorite shoes like new - for pennies
  • Spa-like hairdressers for dirt cheap
  • Construction workers who actually work - and fast
  • Feeling special/different
  • The BEEF - particularly picanha (and the price!)
  • Being able to stop by a friend's house "just because" - everyone has an open door policy
  • Everyone has cake at all times
  • The cleanliness - every time I invited a Brazilian over (or even if I didn't) they left my house sparkly clean
  • Their unconditional love
  • How they keep up with everything - they know everything there is to know about the States. What do you know about Brazil?
  • Rice and beans
  • Farofa
  • Pao de Queijo
  • Awesome flip-flops
  • Great hair treatments
  • Best nail polish ever
  • Service - Brazilians are always ready to serve, no matter what you need. Always.
  • Femininity - Brazilian women revel in being women. Very girly-girl women (hair, makeup, jewelery, the whole gig - all the time)
  • Kids are kings
  • Everyone always exclaimed over my kids (blue-eyed blondes are a rarity)
  • They think pregnant bellies are beautiful
  • Honesty - they never "white-lie"
  • They always make twice as much food as they need - in case someone drops by
  • Deliveries - everything delivers, from McDonald's to the bookstore
  • "Pizziola" pizza - oooo, and maragueirta too
  • Service at the stores - there's always someone at your beck and call
  • Churrascarias
  • Sazon and Sabor Ami seasonings (essencial for rice and beans)
  • They don't care if you don't shave your legs
  • "Lembrancinhas" - Brazilians love to give gifts. Any reason will do
  • Their proactivity and industry
  • Trufas and brigadeiros
  • Church activity - something's going on at the chapel almost every night; and everyone goes
  • Everyone is naturally "green"
  • Walking
  • ..... and so much more


SO said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful.

gigi said...

I know that there are lots of wonderful things you will miss about Brazil. You have some great memories.

Tamra Watson said...

Wow...that list makes ME trunky.

Cake & Design said...

Hi, my name is Renata!! I'm brazilian, and I live in Florida. I'm also a cake designer, and today I brought a " Maracuja Cake" over my job. Some people didn't know what it was, so I was "googleing" a picture of the fruit to show them and I found it in your blog!! And kept navigating...just loved it!!
Beijos! :-)