Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why I can't lose weight

Besides three months of no exercise and stress eating, (always a healthy combination) endless vacations, and my parents' cooking -


Summer season is birthday season at the That Girl household.

Ahem. Mr. Squishy is now The Big One, and Little Prince is The Gigantically Huge Scary Big Number Five. True story.

For the good of the relatives - and your eye buds - I give you


Mr. Squishy got a chocolate concoction with strawberry fudge filling. He liked it. So did I.

Little Prince wanted STRAWBERRY CAKE, MOM, WITH BLUE FROSTING. STRAWBERRIES, MOM, WITH BLUE DON'T FORGET. His wish was my command - I invented it using a combination of yogurt, crushed berries and strawberry jello - plus the normal cake stuff (flour, sugar, butter, etc.) It was amazing and it's a bloomin' shame I didn't write down the recipe. (Let it be known, however, that strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting is absolutely divine.)

And of course my cute kids. Because they're cute. And I love them.

Sniff. I feel old. And chub.


Brittany Ann said...

None of the above. Your darling...and, apparently quite the cook!

janae said...

That cake ROCKS. Man, I love the colors!

Tobi said...

Happy Birthday to your little men! I love cake too! =)

Pam said...

Since I just saw you yesterday, I can say this. I sure hope I look as fabulous as you do being a chub :)

Joni said...

MMMmmm. Cake. *Homer Simpson-esque drooling*

Hubby is in Brazil right now. I looked at your old Brazil package giveaway post and told him to bring me back some of that stuff.

elesa said...

My husband ALWAYS wants strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. I always feel a little silly giving a grown man a pink cake, but what can i do?

Erin said...

I love birthday month/season! Enjoy the cakes; you'll figure out the weight issues later :)

charrette said...

Wow. Quite the cake.

And I can't lose weight because ______ (fill in blank)

a. age
b. sugar
c. thyroid
d. too tired to exercise
e. bread
f. butter

DeNae said...

We have a gazillion summer birthdays, too. Although none will be celebrated with the cake extraordinairs you've shown here. I am beyond impressed.

(And I'm actually a Gemini, but I have a son and several sisters who are all Cancers. Love each and every one! Happy day on the 24th!)

Melanie J said...

I feel you, but I have to say...cake is always worth it.

Rachel Sue said...

I'm there with you my friend. My 2nd will be 5 in a month. That is just craziness to me.

SO said...

Happy Birthday to your guys! How fun! Those cakes look divine. My birthday is next week. I'm trying to decide what cake to have.

gina said...

We have a lot of summer b-days too; 9yrs and 1yr respectively this week alone. Mine is in a couple of weeks; I get to make my own cake. Can you bake me one instead?

Kimberly said...

I need me some recipes!

Emma's turning five on Saturday, heaven help us.

I went to a church activity last night where chocolate covered cream puffs (homemade ones!) were served.

Fine. Fine. I surrender already.

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

From May to September we have birthdays. from October to April there are so many holidays - which means excuses to eat awesome food. and yes, I am counting Ground Hog Day and April Fool's Day. I just keep thinking I will sweat it off in the summer. Hasn't happened yet.

LisAway said...

Back to back birthdays aren't the best for keeping weight down, 'tis true. But really, I eat stuff like that every day anyway. BAD. But I really need me some strawberry cake with blue frosting. Mmmmm! You scored a home run on THAT one!

Shellie said...

They are cute! You are sooo young! Trust me. And not chubby, maybe just partied out.

Motherboard said...

I'm so glad I found you again!

Summer birthday's Rock!

How did you get your photos to go in a straight, perfect line like that??

Tessa Nelson said...

Great, fun post!