Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm not dead

Just FYI.





Target-ing and IKEA-ing.

It takes some time.

My blogging time was always during nap time, while Little Prince was at school. Now there is no school. My blogging time was also during My Man's bishop time. Now there is no bishop time.


So I'm doing a lot of family time lately. No dying.


But I have a good dozen drafts in the gullet right now, itching at me to finish them.

I will. Soon.

My house is still empty - but full, too. No furniture. Lots of love. And Mexican food.

I miss you guys, and stuff. Can I say that? Of course I can. I MISS YOU AND READING ABOUT YOUR LIVES. Don't do anything super cool, because I want to read about it. And I will. Soon.

How do I end this? Peace out? Take care? Toodles? See you? How about I don't and just