Monday, October 19, 2009

Our fall "break" that wasn't a break at all

So were SUPPOSED to go visit my dear friend Kim in California, but her kid had the gall to come down with Fifth Disease last weekend. Apparently it's fatal to pregnant women and their fetuses. The nerve.

Instead I was faced with a full week of school-less, energetic kids. I did what any other sane mother would do. I overbooked.

Monday: First exercise class (it takes up half the morning!) and then off to Home Depot. Not only do they have CAR CARTS, but they are already decorated for Christmas. We spent a full twenty minutes staring at Santa Claus in an airplane. Then we got all the boards and doo-dads and gadgets needed to fix up Little Prince's bed, curtains, and shelves. The afternoon was spent externally sweating and internally cursing those three items.

He was pleased with the result, however.

We decided to decorate with original artwork, since the frames' previous contents were deemed "dumb." Obviously, our homemade skills are anything but.

Tuesday was ZOO DAY! We'd heard some incredible things about the Phoenix zoo, and were, therefore, pumped. We invited some friends to go with us, but they promptly got sick upon arrival. People must be really desperate to avoid us.

(I put my kids in matching shirts, Daddy's cell phone scrawled on their arms in permanent marker, and lectured so thoroughly on stranger danger that I probably scarred them for life. Anyone else paranoid in packed, public places?)

By far their favorite thing about the zoo was the splash park. Bathing suits? Who needs 'em.

I had visions of framing this giant oyster shot with the words "My Pearls" beautifully calligraphied on top. But My Pearls weren't having it.

Wednesday: After exercise class (it takes up half the morning!), we headed off to the temple. The kids love the Big Jesus Statue, although they promptly hid as soon as I pulled out the camera.

After running walking reverently around the visitors center and pushing all the tour guide buttons reverently asking questions of gospel significance and trying to jump in the fountain contemplating their lives on the temple grounds, it was off to visit Daddy at work! They think he takes care of the fish tank all day. PLUS he has a candy dish. They all want Daddy's job when they grow big.

Wednesday night was spent in the emergency room. Ouro Branco shoved beads up his nose. I giggled the whole time, except for the part that they strapped him down and shoved long scary instruments up his nose. Then I cried. But mostly I giggled. Really. Isn't having beads shoved up a kid's nose some kind of official initiation into the Mommy's Club? I've survived hazing.

Thursday, our plans for a picnic in the park went out the window when Little Prince developed a fever and a headache.

Friday, our plans for the science museum went out the window when it was confirmed that Little Prince had influenza. (Not the piggy kind - just the regular, home grown I WANT TO DIE kind.)

Saturday, our plans for dinner with friends went out the window due to said influenza and a badly planned midterm for said friend. Homework stinks.

Sunday, plans for making plans this week at church went out the window due to (again) said influenza.

Today, any plans for finally feeling good about the second trimester got FORCEFULLY BOOTED OUT THE WINDOW when I got influenza, too.

Happy fall break.


Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

We are doing the influenza thing here, also. First one daughter, now the other. Hoping the sons skip out of the fun, as well as the hubby and I.

Tobi said...

The flu is so very unfun. I'm sorry your sick and pregnant at the same time. That has to be the worst combination ever. I hope you feel better very soon.

InkMom said...

What is this fall break thing? We don't have that around here . . . but apparently we're the strange ones because everyone else is writing about "what we did on our fall break" and now I'm just jealous.

So sorry you're sick. I thought you got a shot? Maybe that was your kids. Feel better!

Megan said...

Sheesh! I guess it's a good thing you didn't reschedule your CA stop by coming to my house. *Knock on wood* Flu free, here. Feel better!

Brittany Ann said...

Ick, the flu! I'm so sorry. And it's all exacerbated by the fact that there's hadly anything you can take when you're growing a baby. I hope you get better soon.

Kazzy said...

So sorry about your flu! I hear ya about a disappointing "break". My 13 yr-old "broke" his pelvis and we have been at the hospital for 4 days.

SO said...

That really rots about the flu but I'm glad it's not the piggy kind. The zoo looked fun though and, yes, beads up the nose is the official initiation into mommy hood. Welcome. Welcome.

Joni said...

Oh, Babe. Sorry about the sickness. I stress so hard about having sick kids. And then getting it yourself, well, that's just a kick in the pants.

My daughter is on year round school, so I get weeks at a time that I have the OPPORTUNITY of thinking of something productive/fun/stimulating every day. Then again, most days my main focus is maintaining life and retaining a smidgen of sanity.

And we didn't do beads. Polly pocket shoes. Very small.

Hang in there!

Harmony said...

Well, my friend, though the flu- excuse my French- SUCKS, we have to think of the positives. Okay, there's only one. You probably lose a pound or two, right? But, then again, maybe that's not so happy for since your baby needs food, too. Hmmm.... well, I guess there's no positives. THE FLU CAN GO TO H-E-doublehockeysticks!!!

The World As I See It said...

I am trying to get over the flu and there is nothing worse than being sick while you are pregnant!

Melanie J said...

I got the stupid flu on Sunday and it's been stellar. Not. But they made me take Tamiflu since I'm pregnant too and it's actually helping. My temperature is lower than theirs and I'm already coming out of it faster than they are. I wish I could share the Tamiflu with them but if you're not pregnant, I guess the supply is so limited that you're expected to just ride it out. Blah.

Kimberly said...

Yuck! Glad you got a little fun in before the sick struck!

Sarah said...

Aww feel better! And I LOVE the artwork, definitely not 'dumb' now!

Kim Loudon said...

Wasn't it you that already took your kids in for a flu shot? We all got flu shots last year, and we all got it anyways. I HATE that. Hope it passes quickly! Love ya

Katy said...

Oh man I am so sorry! About said stupid midterm (gah that thing was a nightmare) and you getting sick as well. No bueno. Seriously like I said: once this monstrosity of a class is over in 2 weeks, that should free up several hours of the week which means...GAME NIGHT! And - gasp - SOCIALIZING! Yay! :) Hope you feel better in the meantime

charrette said...

Oh, we had to cancel a trip to California for fall break too... because I got sick. Our youngest literally sobbed on the sofa when I broke the news. "That's not fair! Moms don't get sick!"

You did a spectacular job of filling the time! I was, well, slothful. But we lived.

charrette said...

p.s. word verification: mister

That is Arizona's salvation! I love all the misters there.

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

Your week sounds awesome -- until you all got sick -- no fun!

I used to put lanyards on the kids with all their info in it in case they got lost... then grill them to find a mommy, any mommy, if they do get lost. I figure mommy's are their best bet.

Love the pictures -- they make me laugh!

Love the fish tank at the office -- used to be in our house and I miss it... but sounds like it is getting some good loving!

gigi said...

Sounded all fun till the word Flu! You be careful are take care of you.

Shelane said...

och. az. not the heat, but i wish i was there. (grew up in gilbert and half my fam is still scattered around here and there)

i may just have to pencil in a trip to the zoo when we're down for thx. and have you been to the science center in phx? it rocks.