Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In which I brag a lot, but make up for it by posting an incredibly bad picture of me

So as previously mentioned, we went to Brazil last week. Just My Man and me. MomLady flew in to watch the kids. (Did I mention I love this aspect of living in the States?!) My Man had some meetings in that beloved country o' ours for his side business; as his personal assistant, I went along. I'm such a devoted employee.

We had limeades.
We had cake.
We actually didn't have churrasco, which is funny.

Mostly, we hung out with people like these:

Every day My Man would drop me off at some unsuspecting person's house, and I would give them a heart attack. Then we would laugh and cry and laugh some more. Then we became Alvin and the Chipmunks (talking as fast as we could) for hours - usually followed by more laughing and crying. Then I'd walk to someone else's house, and repeat the process.

Heart attack. Laugh. Cry. Talkreallyfast. Laugh. Cry. Repeat.

Basically, I had the time of my life.

Can a person actually DIE of joy?

To make things extra-uber-special, My Man and I even got to escape to the beach for a day, where we got really burned and read The Lightening Thief, which we loved. We also had deep philosophical discussions - the kind that you don't want to sleep for fear of missing something. The kind that reminds you that life is perfect because you married the perfect person. The kind that just makes everything that is less-than-happy, disappear.

It was a really good week.

And now, to make you feel slightly better about my Defying the Boundaries of Ecstasy, here's a picture that brings me back to earth:

Let's have a close-up, shaaaaaaaaaaaall we?

Wow. I really hope that's just bad lighting, even badder luck, or the fact that I just got off an international flight. Because I'M ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH THIS GIG.

I might need another trip to Brazil ....


Deb said...

What a great time! And the terrible picture looks really cute, so poo on you. :) It sounds like you guys had a great time, I was tearing up imagining you getting to see your Brazilian friends again.

wonder woman said...

I love those deep discussions with my one-and-only. When hearts and minds truly connect.......that's hot. ;o)

Sounds like a week of pure bliss. After weeks and weeks of pure yuckiness, you deserve it!

p.s. I feel HUGE too. When I tell people when I'm due, they looked surprised. I think I'm going to change my due date from March 1 to Feb. 28. Sounds much closer.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great time! And even your bad pictures are cute, that seems a little unfair to me.

p.s. we you stuck in the blackout?

p.s.s. my word verification is 'consha' - that seems very Brazilian dontcha think?

Becky said...

Pish posh. You're adorable and we all think so. :)

It's good to know that someone somewhere is about to keel over from joy. It gives me hope that I'll get a turn someday...

LisAway said...

As if anyone is less than thrilled that you had such a wonderful time. So does this mean you will get to go back to visit fairly often? I hope so! That'd be sweet.

And you don't look big to me, but in this pregnancy of mine I've also been bigger than in my others. Se la vi. Or Se lavi. Or Selavi. Or possibly an entirely different spelling and break up of words.

DeNae said...

I have a friend who grows a zit that is, I'm not kidding, the size od the end of her nose, where it sits, red and defiant, through her entire pregnancy.

When you're pregnant, that's the one time when you don't have to worry about how you look. It all gets trumped by the whole "I'm creating life here. What did you do today?" card.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, with a wonderful guy.

JustRandi said...

You look darling!
And either way, you definitely need another trip to Brazil!

Harmony said...

I can't even IMAGINE the thrill of your Brazilian friends when you landed on their doorsteps!!! (well, I guess I have a slight idea of what it's like!). YOU ARE SO ______________!!!!!!!!!! <-- (insert word that means something way better than extrordinary or wonderful or cool or amazing or incredible or beautiful or all of those things combined.) I LOVE YOU

The Prices said...

How wonderful! i think I need a trip to Brazil. You completely deserved it!!!

Lisa Fox said...

Yay, i've been on pins and needles waiting for an update. SOunds like a super wonderful time...the limeades and beach,ahhh. I also am curious about you guys and the black out? I'm glad you made it back safe! Love ya!

Lara said...

You are adorable. That's not a bad picture AT ALL. Now I can show you some bad pictures.

I LOVE that you surprised everyone. Made me cry to read about it.

Tamra Watson said...

I'm oozing with jealousy! Hope you gave Melo a hug for me :)

Brittany Ann said...

It looks utterly fabulous! I'm glad your back I have missed your posts, and if it makes you feel any better, I'm 15 weeks, but I look like I did at 28 weeks last time.

MommyJ said...

So glad you had a good trip!! I have a standard no photography while pregnant rule... cause seriously... those pictures never make me feel good. You look great though. Glad you're home safe and sound.

Stepper the Mighty said...


Hurray for great trips to beloved places - sans kids!

Hurray for devoted hubbies who know how to have those late night discussions!

Hurray for limeade!

I wonder how I can convince my man to take me to Brazil, 'cause that cake looks in-cre-di-ble!

Welcome back!

HeatherKitts said...

Whatever. You look H-O-T.

Kazzy said...

Can I just tell you what I would give for an international getaway with MY man??

And you are cute as a button, so stop dissing your cute self.

Jen said...

Of course if I'm going to flash into blogland I HAVE to visit you! I mean, didn't Annie and I adopt you? (And I haven't actually been to her blog yet...shhhhh)

Miss you and your blog, glad to see things are fab, hope to see you again - and I love the picture. I have a few of those myself. It's nice not to be alone.

annie valentine said...

For the record, I look like that after a big Sunday dinner. There's just nothing like old friends.