Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving in pictures

Prior to Thanksgiving, we figured we'd better go over the basic point of the holiday. Role playing is our favorite way to teach. That, and lots of construction paper and staples.

My Man graciously provided power for the Mayflower - and MomLady was lucky enough to be Head Indian Big Momma Chief Lady at the First Feast.

We then proceeded to drive to Texas. That would be 1000 miles, or roughly 16 hours, of driving time. And ya know what? The kids were awesome. The drive was awesome. Life was awesome.

Awesome, I tell you.

Plus we saw some cotton fields, and had a quick educational detour. Da Boyz thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. And it was.

We then arrived at my brother-in-law's mother-in-law's. They were kind enough to be out of town, and leave us with lots of beds and pretty serving dishes.

We did the whole Thanksgiving Thang. My sister-in-law did the turkey like it was NO BIG DEAL. (But oh, it was....) Little Prince got his dearest wish in the shape of a turkey leg. And we made way too much food. WAY too much food. But isn't that the point?

Oh, and we had pumpkin pie, too.

Then we had serious relative time.

Mr. Squishy played a lot.

Ouro Branco played a lot.

Little Prince played a lot, too, but avoided the camera while doing so.

Then we went home.

The night we pulled into the driveway of our Home Sweet Home, we had a delivery:

Our neighborhood ROCKS.


Kristina P. said...

Man, everyone looks so happy!

Rachel Sue said...

Family time is the best. I love watching cousins play. Love, love, love it.

Lisa Fox said...

That is the funniest thing ever...I am so going to have to steal that idea somehow...are you supposed to add to it..or is it just added over time? What a fun time, love it!

MommyJ said...

Awesome pictures... and holy cow to a drive that long. You are way braver than me. Our time will come though... I hope mine manage like yours did!

Mommadj5 said...

Is it just me or is it weird to have Thanksgiving/Christmas with no snow???? The pictures are totally out of sync with the season....love 'em though! More, more!!! The Santa CRACKED ME UP - want to hear about that some time! LOL...

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Wow, what a fun thanksgiving.

And I had no idea you lived in the Griswold's neighborhood. Cool.

Melissa Bastow said...

I'm trying to decide if I think the Santa would be really fun or just kind of creepy... What's with all the stuff? Do you have to add to the stuff before you send it on? Does it have to be a mug or paper trash? Both?

When I was in high school we had this old couch that we'd leave on people's doorsteps and then they'd come to school the next day and we'd all laugh about how we "couched" someone. And then we'd do it again. (Same couch, new location.)

Kimberly said...

What fun! I'm so glad for you. Especially following on the heels of your trip. =)

Becky said...

Great pics! It's a little weird to me that people can celebrate Thanksgiving (or Christmas) without snow on the ground. I'm such a holiday snob, I know.

Sounds like you all did just fine, though. :)

j@nAe said...

Dude, you dress up?!!! I thought I had a corner on the market of thinking of that. Except I've only ever thought of it. Never done it. But I will, one day. Cuz it is AWESOME.

Harmony said...

Ok. The whole Santa Thing at the end totally threw me off and now I'm itching with curiosity. Is it all gifts for you strung around him, or are you supposed to attach something and pass it on or what? My poor little brain is confused!

Stephanie said...

What?!? No pictures of dinosaur teeth?

Thanks for such an awesome Thanksgiving--we can't wait for round two!