Friday, January 22, 2010


There are days I think -


It would be so. super. easy to just have one kid.

Think about it!

No juggling of nap times. No fights over toys. Less messes. Less laundry. Less stress and less drama.

And then I think -


I would have missed all of this:

I love my boys.

And I love that they love each other.

(most of the time)


Joni said...

Yeah, there's no doubt it's hard. And there's no doubt it's worth it.

Besides, if you had just one kid it would be up to YOU to entertain them ALL THE TIME.

I'm happy you're having another boy. You make 'em so cute.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I have actually done it both ways- and there are things that are hard about single children too- but as most people know- there is just something about siblings. Both the good and the bad- but that is what bonds them so close.

Your boys are all adorable- I can tell.

Harmony said...

Just makes me think of the Primary song... "we are a happy family!"

Kimberly said...

Amen! I feel the exact same way about my girls!

Tamra Watson said...

Sheesh, for some reason that made me get teary eyed...I love those boys :), so glad you had all of them :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

It's good stuff!

Christine said...

I completely agree. And by the way, your boys are some of THE cutest I've seen (since I only have girls :)). Have a happy day!

InkMom said...

You know, I've never had just one kid. But I know this: one spawn of the devil child is still easier than two angels at once.

Anyway. I know exactly what you mean -- my boys are rough and tough and sometimes mean to each other, but they're the only ones allowed to be mean, because they will defend one another. (To the death, I'm afraid!)

Kazzy said...

I always kind of feel bad for people who planned to be without kids, once they get to be my age. It gets hard sometimes, but come on.... the dividends, man!

Nikki said...

Someone told me once, and I think about it often, "The magic number of kids (referring to easiness) is one less than what you have." It's so true. I thought one was hard. Then I had two. Then I thought, Wow, what was I thinking? One was pretty easy. Then I had three and I recalled how easy it was to get just two ready. Then I had four and thought, Three was MUCH easier. Then I got pregnant with number five (thinking it was just one more I was expecting) and realized, I'd better start babysitting a whole load of kids so that I think five is easy. And I invited my friends three kids over who were my oldest three's ages. When those three went home (and they were pretty sweet average-behaviored kids) I thought, Wow, I'm glad I have four and not seven. Now I have six and the oldest just turned eight and I NEVER have the house clean anymore. But I try to tell myself, If the triplet hadn't died, it would be SO much harder.

Anyways, just some perspective.

rad6 said...

definitely one of the best and most rewarding things about having kids is watching them love each other and bond... I love those moments.
You have cute boys.
I have boys that are 18 months apart, and they are the best of friends... oh they fight, but they love each other more!

Rachel Sue said...

There are moments that I think that it would be easier to just have one. Immediately followed by the realization the my only child would have no one to play with!

dawn said...

According to Bill Cosby, you don't even qualify as a parent unless you have more than 1 child. You miss too many things.

DeNae said...

Before I had my first, the plan was to have six. Then I had one, and the plan was to have one.

Fortunately, I got over the panic of new motherhood, and went on to have three more.

It's hard at times, but totally worth it. And as they get older, and they're going to movies together and texting each other and clearly developing relationships with one another that are independent of my involvement, that's when the pay off really starts.

Qait said...

And that's why I want to have more! Even though it really is easier to have just one.... riiiight??
In some ways, yes.
Some women feel bad about that subject, though. My mother told me very wisely "No matter how many you have, it always takes everything you've got." :)