Friday, April 9, 2010

Daydream Believer and a Homecoming Yeah Right

I quite often have a vacant look on my face. I have one on my face right now.

While some may attribute my vapidity (great word) to a below average intelligence quotient - or plain ole rudeness - I'm usually just daydreaming.

In my youth I fantasized about old age. Like, you know, THIRTY. I wondered what my future husband would look like. I named our future children. (Two out of four were named decades ago.) My favorite image - conjured up whenever math got especially boring - was of our family: Mr. and Mrs. Who Knows at the park, taking turns pushing our children on the swings, kicking up sand, holding hands and having a marvelous time.

That youthful daydream is now very much a reality.

I remember when we first took Little Prince to the park. I actually cried. Because I'm essentially an emotional bag of sentimentality. It was my fantasy come to life - only better.

Yet as I creep into seniority (I'll be 29 in June - totally ancient, I know), my daydreams have grown up, too.

I especially like to daydream when I'm exercising. As I pound the pavement every morning at 6:15 (or 6:20 ... or 6:30 ...), I let my mind wander.

I have just been awarded Mother of the Year. My tearful children stand by my side, presenting me with a bouquet and smothering me with kisses. An audience leaps to their feat, applause deafening, in awe of the years of selfless devotion I have given.

I write a book. Everyone loves it. I may write more.

I am discovered by some green movie director, cast in a low budget indie film that blows the world over, and become richandfamous. My Man is, of course, co-starring with me cuz there's no way I could kiss anyone else. And obviously there will be kissing involved.

Women flock to me, begging for the secret to my amazing beauty, organization, fabulous children and all-around awesomeness. I dispense of my wisdom graciously.

I am in fantastic shape - toned arms and legs, flat belly, tight everythingelse. I actually look good in clothes.

I never tire of these silly pipe dreams of mine. And they come in quite handy during long car trips and waiting at the doctor's office.

But truth be told, I'm quite content with the dream I have on hand already.

***So tell me - what do you daydream about?***


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Currently, I daydream about being an old lady. Seriously. I am trying to channel my "inner-80-year-old". I actually caught myself staring at someone last week, trying to envision myself with her wrinkles! I'm 32.

Wonder Woman said...

My ultimate day dream right now has to do with lifestyle. I dream of owning a minivan and the home I will raise my children to adulthood in. I think that ultimately, I like the security felt in those dreams than the actual "status symbols."

I also dream of being toned and tight.

Joni said...

I daydream about jet-setting the planet. Honestly, I want to see everything (except maybe Antarctica. I can see penguins at the zoo.) I especially want to visit tropical islands, white beaches, coral reefs, and trees with leaves as big as my torso.

I fantasize about owning lots of hats and purses. This is strange, considering how I don't really wear hats or use purses much.

I daydream about being in a airport and glancing over to see what book the lady next to me is reading (because I ALWAYS do that) to find that it is MY book, then relishing in the indecision of whether I should say something to her or not.

My kids' weddings.

And shoes. Always shoes.

HeatherKitts said...

Food. And being in fantastic shape. Hey, it's a DREAM right? :)

Oh and having the perfect, well-behaved, envy-of-all-the-other-mom's children who never need to be told 'no' or disciplined in any way. ::SNORTS with laughter::

Just SO said...

"Women flock to me, begging for the secret to my amazing beauty, organization, fabulous children and all-around awesomeness. I dispense of my wisdom graciously."<---Achieved.

I day dream about traveling the world. Anywhere and everywhere. With my family by my side.

Emily said...

I definitely daydream about being skinny. But then I wonder, if I'm as vain as I am as a fat girl, what would I be like if I was skinny?!


I daydream about having more babies. They have good names.

I daydream about living in the woods, near a river, in a nice house built in about 1975.

DeNae said...

Drat. "So" took my joke!! That darn "So"!

I dream about being a famous author, and I'm interviewed on television by - well, it used to be Johnny Carson, so that tells you how long ago I saw MY 29th birthday!

And then, when I just have to get away from all the paparazzi and adoring fans, my husband and I load up our twoo million dollar motor home (don't judge, I mean it) and drive around Alaska, taking pictures of ourselves with intelligent flying squirrels and moose who pull rabbits out of their hats (I told you I was old - anyone know what I'm referring to?) and having amusing adventures which I can then turn into my NEXT prize-winning book.

Unfortunately, Johnny Carson's dead. So I guess I'll just play Spider Solitaire instead.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I used to daydream all. the. time. But I don't anymore. I'm not really sure why. Huh. Maybe I should give this a little more thought...

Amy said...

I dream of having babies, being the perfect mom, and not having to work while doing it because my husband is done with school! We don't live in Utah anymore, but we're close enough to visit the family on occasion. But I might as well dream big...

We're so financially set in this dream that we can also travel the world! Sometimes without our kids ;)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

A big, cushy, bed in a room all by myself with a pile of good books and at least 48 uninterrupted hours.

And traveling the world, but actually living everywhere for a while. You know, Spring in Paris, Winter in the Alps, etc. It probably wouldn't be nearly as cool as it seems in my head.

Melanie J said...

I daydream about giving awesome workshop presentations because I don't get to do that anymore. Seriously, how lame is that?

Tobi said...

I daydream about serving people. Seriously. I daydream how I would help sister so and so and how good it would feel to be a do-gooder. Maybe I should just actually start serving others instead of daydreaming about it. Just maybe.

MommyJ said...

Publishing... that's definitely at the top of my daydream list... having the NEWS to share that I'm actually going to be published.

I also spend quite a bit of time dreaming about what it's going to feel like to have this baby in my arms instead of my womb. But I only have to do that for FIVE more days!!!

prashant said...

I daydream about having more babies. They have good names.
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Rachel Sue said...

Currently, designing my own house exactly as I want it. And living in a small town.

Are you seriously running already? Seriously?

Kazzy said...

I daydream about more time on my own schedule, about losing 20 lbs, and about sleeping much more.

Lara said...

My daydreams are not unlike yours...losing weight and looking fabulous, singing at the Met, publishing a book (why? I'm not really a writer), having an amazingly decorated home that is also clean (Perhaps I could achieve the clean part, but dreaming about it is much more fulfilling...) and so on.

Word verify is fluffles. I don't think daydreaming is fluffles, though. It's important to keep our sanity. Only boring people don't do it. And who wants to be boring?

Keri Beth Mason said...

Gosh, aren't we all so similar?

I tend to run numbers in my head to figure out when we will pay off husband's student loan. Fun, right?! I actually love it.

I also decorate in my mind. I decorate other people's houses in my mind, as if I actually have any style at all!

But mostly, I daydream about more babies :( We are going through the dreaded 2nd child infertility, so daydreaming is as far as I'm getting right now. Sad face.