Sunday, May 9, 2010

In which I am overwhelmingly happy

My Man and I have now been married eight years.


If you don't know already, I'm the biggest romantic sap of all time. But not on the blog. Somehow our relationship seems too ... sacred to share here.

Let's just say that he's the very best part of me. I marvel.

My marvelous sister-in-law stayed with the kids (six in total - under six) while we partied in Tempe. We began the night vowing to not follow our diet. We kept our vow.

And then I died when I ate this:

P.F. Chang's Mahi-Mahi with lemongrass sauce and cilantro rice. Ohmyheavens my tastebuds did the polka all night. (I don't know why it was the polka. I have no control over those darn tastebuds.)

This was in my fortune cookie - which one of you is inviting me to dinner?

After dinner we walked around Tempe Town lake and attempted to rent paddleboats before we admitted to ourselves that we had no idea where you rent paddleboats. We settled for hiking the "A" mountain. I might have huffed just a little.

We promised ourselves we WOULD NOT LEAVE til we took a picture we both liked.

We broke our promise.

Sigh. Another 24 pounds to go.

I wore my new necklace, and once again pondered why I never wear necklaces. This needs to change. My sister-in-law says that I'm an "Air." I'm not sure what it means, but I hope it involves pretty jewelery.

Then we sat up on the mountain, discussing our hopes and dreams and planning our lives together.

Life tastes good. Polka-ing tastebuds are only the beginning.