Monday, June 21, 2010

Surviving Summer - Week 3

This week was
Father's Week

Because one day simply isn't enough to celebrate My Man.


We made "Come Home Dad" blocks for his desk at work. Work is thoroughly overrated, is it not? I would totally be a hermit if it meant My Man could just be with us all the time. Who needs electricity and clothes and food and? ....

I wanted to decorate the blocks with pictures of the kids and stickers and little sayings, but I was told that would look "weird." Okay then.

We also visited My Man at work. Where they ate popcorn and candy and stared at the fish and played with the toys.

Work is AWESOME.

(And Little Prince is in the I-hate-having-my-picture-taken-stage.)

Racing back to the car is FUN.

Dad won.

Speaking of cars, we washed his. Anything involving nakedness is approved by the That Girl Boys.

For Father's Day lunch we had BBQ pork pizzas. Pulled pork. Barbecue sauce. Cheese. Cilantro. Delish.

Dinner was summer stuff - burgers, ribs, corn on the cob, chips, watermelon, pop.

That-Girl's-Last-Name Dessert for afters. Cuz nobody knows the original name.

It is pure fluffy sweetness. REALLY sweetness.

The top and bottom "crusts" are just chocolate cookie crumbs. There's a certain kind of cookie that is preferred, but I can only find them in Utah. In Arizona, I use Oreos.

Tough luck.

For the filling, bring 2 cups of milk to a boil, and stir in one bag of marshmallows. Take off the heat, cover, and cool for a few hours, stirring occasionally. (You want all the marshmallows to melt - no lumps!)

Once thoroughly melted and cool, whip up a pint of cream with a 1/4 cup of sugar, and mix it in the marshmallow/milk stuff. Pour it in between the cookie crumb layers, and refrigerate overnight.

Fluffy. Sweet. My Man laps this stuff up.

So this year I did a "Five Love Languages" theme for Father's Day.

Service - washed the car and did the dinner dishes as often as he would let me
Words of Affirmation - love letters and "I Love Daddy" books from the kids
Presents - the blocks and General Conference on CD
Touch - a book to teach me how to massage (he might have to read it, too...)
Quality Time - we're going jet-skiing this week!

Yeah. I love My Man.

More than any language known or un.


Square Root of Family said...

Awesome! I will see what I can do about arranging it so Your Man can be a hermit with you and the kids. He showed me the 4 hour work week book and now we have to figure out how to implement it.

Happy Birthday, by the way, soonish.

Kimberly said...

Wow. Maybe I'll turn this next week into Father's Week because I am so wanting to make my guy's week as special as you made yours. Fabulous!

Sweating in the endless heat said...

MMMMMMM!!!! Wow that dessert sounds delicious:-)

Kazzy said...

Your man seems very well-appreciated! And that pizza looks like something I could appreciate too!

Qait said...

You have such great ideas! I think I'll plan ahead now, because when it comes down to crunch time (which is anywhere in the month of the date), my brain has no ideas. :|
I really, really like the way you used the 5 love languages as a way to pattern what you did.
You are awesome!