Friday, August 20, 2010


is my mom's best friend.

(and her husband)

(who Mom is very fond of as well, of course)

They have known each other since they were teenagers and been together ever since. Until Mom moved to Arizona.

They used to go out to lunch with a couple other ladies every single month. Until Mom moved to Arizona.

They would laugh and snort like a couple of teenagers. Until Mom moved to Arizona.

Mom's Best Friend is a nurse.
She likes icky-gross-nurse-stuff. Like boils. Ew.
She also checks my blog every day, so it's true her taste is questionable.
She makes a nativity set for her friends every year. Out of awesome stuff. Like spoons.
She and her family have read the scriptures every day together for decades. They've never missed a single day. This floors me.
She is always smiling, always joking. She makes everyone feel comfortable. She is like baked bread. Maybe cinnamon raisin bread.

She used to give me wedgies all the time.

Mom's Best Friend? We miss you. It'd be really convenient if you just moved to Arizona too. Is that asking too much?


i am janae said...

Okay, since I've never seen your parents it took me a minute to figure out who was who. At first I thought you were saying that the picture was of your mom and dad, and that your dad was your mom's best friend (and, of course, her husband as well--except I thought your parents were seperated, so that confused me) ... but then I wondered why he would go out with the ladies and why you kept referring to him as "she" ... maybe he/she crossdresses? But that guy really didn't look like a girl. I mean, he looks like a man. But I think I got it now. Your mom's best friend (the lady) and said best friend's husband (the non-lady looking, non-cross-dressing man). Gotcha. I think I really am growing dumber. :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is so sweet!

kristi said...

She used to give me wedgies too....hahahaha!!!!! Yes, definitely love this lady!

The Jensen Family said...

One day my loud mouthed neighbor came next door to my house and asked me to be his wifes escort at the temple. They came from PA as newer members of the church and didn't know anybody in Utah. She doesn't know me, we never talked. It didn't matter, I couldn't pass up the neat experience! Wow! Loud mouth John helped us to be friends and I couldn't ask for more. We would meet out on the front porch every morning after that to talk and wave to the neighbors as they went by. We would laugh together, cry together, exercise together. We even had callings together. Loud mouth John would honk three times every morning when he left the house to tell my friend (I love you) sometimes really early in the mornings. Loud mouth John would bring the kids over to my family parties and join in on all of the food uninvited. Loud mouth John would knock on my door and then just walk in. My best friend would be so embarrassed. Then I moved. I came to Arizona. I miss my friend. I even miss the early morning (I love you) honks, and yes I even miss loud mouth John. Isn't it great that we have email and phones to still keep in touch as often as we want? I love my friend and miss her much and I am so glad that we have a quick easy way to gab. Two weeks ago, my next door neighbor here in AZ started honking his horn 3 times in the morning for his little boy as he leaves for work. Wow, little silly things can be so big when it comes to friends. Thanks for the post!

HeatherKitts said...

I, like i am janae, was confused :) I, too, figured it out. Hahaha :)

dawn said...

...sniff....sniff...:-S Thanks. I love you... and miss your mom.

Kazzy said...

My mom's bff also reads my blog. They love to see us as grown ups, huh?

Julia said...

ohhh... I love her and miss her too. So sorry to hear about your parents.

The Prices said...

If she is moving anywhere, it's IDAHO! She is pretty great though, huh?

Q'Ville said...

i love your mom's best friend too. Is it OK if I call her my BEST FRIEND too?

Michelle said...

Ok so I am really late on this one but I think it would be pretty cool if your mom's best friend moved to Arizona too! And maybe bring along her kids and their families too. It would be a big old Michigan reunion!