Monday, January 24, 2011

Ai ai ai ai ai ai ai!

Is that politically correct? Probably not. Moving on.

So Date Night this week = Mexican night. 

(Actually - NO. We didn't draw "Mexican Night" from the jar. We drew something else. But in researching that "sumthin else," I found this really cool way to do "sumthin' else" that isn't available til April. So you - and My Man - will have to wait til then. I feel bad for you both.)

So we had a SECOND draw. And it was MEXICAN NIGHT.

This led to some extensive googling. "Best restaurant in My Town, Arizona." And three sites said to go to  here:

So we did.

(I tried to get My Man to talk in a Mexican accent the whole night, but he thought that might be rude.)

Nando's is apparently famous for their margaritas. Well. As you know, we're MORMON and all that - so we asked for virgin margaritas. The waitress pretty much thought we were crazy. It was awesome.

But the non-margarita margarita was DELISH. Although I was severely disappointed that it wasn't served in those funky glasses. I wanted a funky glass and pretend to get drunk. Because I'm mature like that.

So the food was amazing, of course. Three sites can't be wrong. Although the rice and beans? Sad. Just sad. Because let me tell you - I know rice and beans. And them rice and beans just did not make the cut. Good thing the Pollo Rico was out-of-this-world good.

(I took half of it home, intending to eat it on Sunday after church. But we got home late and I had to run to a meeting without lunch. Then my little sister calls after me - "Hey, That Girl! That thing you ordered yesterday was super delicious! Thanks!" *facepalm*)

We ate our delicious, calorific dinner, and then My Man attempted to take a picture of me with my fancy dancy camera. I wanted a record of my attempts at dressing "Mexican-y." It was pretty amusing.

And then he was silly.

And then we went home.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Sounds like a blast to drinks are so great...and then there was Christmas eve this year where my husband handed me an alcoholic drink without even knowing it!!! I'm like honey...I specifically asked for either ginger ale, or cranberry juice...or water. Not sangria! Poor dear, he had no clue!

Tobi said...

You and your hubby are adorable! I can't wait to find out about the activity that you can't do until April.

Riddle Girl said...

I am really enjoying reading about all the fun date ideas. One of these days I may have to sit down with my hubby and do the same thing. But you seem to have some creative ones. (Maybe I just have to wait until this year is over and just make up a bottle with all of your ideas.) :)

The Martos Fudge said...

Ok so being from Brazil I must ask, why were you down there and for how long? what part did you go to. And the stove top that was funny... Now I am craving some mexican. Thanks....

Kimberly said...

Good food. Silliness. Time with your sweetheart. Does it get any better than that?

Marcia said...

Tell you sister she owes you dinner. For sure. Maybe with some fried ice cream on the side. Andale, andale!

Harmony said...

I love that you wanted to get pretend drunk. We truly are two women of one soul.