Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eleven days late

This year is just gonna rock.

For the record.

It's going to rock because we've decided it is the YEAR OF THE DATE.

The Caps are important.

We made a list of 52 dates. And we are going to pull one out of the jar every week. Without fail.

ROCK, I tell you.

A third are "home" dates - a third are out - and a third are out, but can be done after the kids are in bed. (That way we abuse my mom only once every three weeks, see?)

Some are cheesy, some are romantic, some are downright hilarious. I think our first one fit all three.


Home date.

Have a cooking night, and choose recipes that you've always wanted to try, but never had the guts. 

My pick: Creme brulee. His pick: Lobster.

Turns out Creme Brulee is a picky little stinker. Cooks for 1 1/2 hours at 250 in a water bath with a TOWEL UNDERNEATH. Do not under ANY circumstances let the custard cups touch each other, or you will be responsible for the end of the world. Then cool to room temperature, cover, and refrigerate overnight.


We are now the proud owners of custard cups, bytheway.

So we did the creme brulee prep on Friday, and Saturday was - LOBSTERS!

We looked for fiesty ones. Apparently fiesty = delicious. We're all about delicious.

The NBC got to come with us. Then he went straight to bed when we got home. It was date night, after all.

The seafood worker dude put them in boxes that made me think of KFC takeout.

'Cept the contents didn't smell like KFC takeout.

We're going to EAT YOU.

When My Man took them out (because I refused to touch them, of course) they started flopping all over and I pretty much thought I was going to die. Squealing might have been involved.

Then the lobsters didn't want to go in the pot. Not that I blame them. One of them even hooked his tail over the edge and refused to be boiled alive. I only felt a teensy bit bad.

My Man showed no mercy, however. He's a cold hearted murderer. And a great chef.

I sang lobstah killahhhhhhhh as motivational support.

Turns out they really do turn bright red the minute they hit the water. No kiddin'.

So once they were cooked, we put them on a plate and stared at each other. What now?

Now, my friends, we google "how in the world do you eat a lobster?"

Google knows all.

So after we completely ripped apart a pair of lobsters with pinking shears (I don't have a mallet. Or kitchen scissors.), we ate them.

(I washed the pinking shears, Mom, don't worry.)

Okay, truth be told, I should say MY MAN ripped apart a pair of lobsters, because those feeler thingies creeped me out. I couldn't do it. Although I did do the claws. Aren't you proud? I could totally survive on a desert island. Or a Hunger Games.

They were delicious, bytheway. Must've been fiesty.

As a sidenote, upon dismembering my lobster, I found out she was female. There was the telltale red "coral" in her abdomen. Apparently it's a delicacy, but I didn't eat it. I draw the line at eating female reproductive organs. Call it solidarity, if you will.

Then we torched our creme brulees.

The cookbook said you could use the broiler, but that was way too slow. In lieu of a propane torch, we used a lighter. Worked beautifully.

Date #1 was a clear success! Memories were made and palates were satisfied.

Plus also we arranged the lobster heads in the garbage can to totally scare the crap out of my little sister.



MommyJ said...

First of all, I love your hair. Bangs look good on you.

Second, I am absolutely going to steal this idea. The date idea... and maybe the lobster idea too.

(And... I've missed you. Is that allowed in the blog world?)

Kristen said...

How fun! Could you let us know where you got all the date ideas from... so we can do the same thing with our hubbys?? :)

What a great new tradition!!

Rachel Sue said...

I agree with Mommy J. This idea just may be stolen. But I don't think I can cook lobster. I can eat it just fine. But I don't think I have the heart to boil something alive. (I can't kill the freaking mouse that lives with us. Therefore, no possible way I can kill a lobster.)

Also, missed you too. And, Mommy J, that is totally allowed in the blog world.

If you felt like sharing more of your date ideas, this very uncreative wife would appreciate it.

Stepper the Mighty said...

((cries and clings)) I've missed youuuu!!!


Okay, you murdered your dinner and torched your dessert. You guys are hard core daters. I dig.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I love your dating idea. Did you already decide all 52 of them or are you choosing them as you go along? (I might have a reading comprehension issue.) Love your bangs! So glad to "see" you again. :)

Wonder Woman said...

This is a fantabulous idea. Though I admit, when your title said "11 days late" I expected a much different post. :o)

Like the others, I missed you, too, and am glad to hear from you again.

Amy said...

You're a brave soul! We've only done lobster once, and we certainly didn't purchase it live. Or whole. Just the tail. And that was bad enough... To be honest, tasty, but way too much freaking out (on my part) for comfort. Great date night idea!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

As a couple...you guys rock! Two of my favorite foods that I've never had the guts to try making myself.. Good to know about the lighter!

Kim L. said...

SERIOUSLY, I LOVE YOU! You inspire me. We "date" every week, but we go through spurts of creativity...and through a LONG BORING slump before we kick ourselves in the pants to liven things up again...followed by another short spurt of creativity.
I LOVE the idea of MAKING your home dates creative. It seems like the 1st 3 months of a new baby we end up renting movies. YOU have given me HOPE that we CAN have FUN creative dates at home. Thanks for the inspiration...it IS all about creating lasting memories.

mckell said...

You guys rock. :)

Valerie said...

Sounds like fun! But seriously, if you love the creme brulee, you've got to try the Pioneer Woman recipe. It isn't nearly so intense, and we make it pretty frequently in our family.

Happy Mom said...

THAT was one of my favorite posts EVER!! I sooo want to do that with my man!! (but not lobsters 'cuz I don't like anything that lived in water blech!)

I have missed you!!! Glad you're back!

Kazzy said...

You are one happy, lovey dovey couple. I love your 52 dates idea!

Qait said...

That's awesome! We're doing the same thing, but we don't have 52 dates already planned out for ourselves! Whew, where'd you get the ideas? Don't tell me you were just brilliant enough to think of them all... :|

Lara said...

52 dates. Love it. I hope you'll write about all of them, especially if they are as fun as this one was! I'm totally stealing this one, at least, if not all of them!

Melanie Jacobson said...

I love this date idea! Share all your best stay at home ones, okay?

janel said...

We already had our 52 date nights planned out, but they were watching whatever old movie we could get at the redbox, so I am THRILLED to siphon off a few of your ideas (as always). Thanks for letting us in the pensieve.

Kimberly said...

Oddly enough I found a recipe for creme brulee just a few nights ago and have been tempted to try it ever since.

But now I'm even more tempted to try this 52 dates idea of yours. GENIUS.

Julie said...

I loved the "Julie and Julia" reference. That was my favorite part of the whole movie.

"Lobstah killaaahh."

"There's a new sheriff in town."

Today's Gift said...
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Today's Gift said...

Sounds like there is definitely a new sheriff in town. Your husband (and you) are braver than I am!

Anne said...

I love lobster! This reminds me of the first time I cooked a lobster myself. I may have to write a blog post about it...