Monday, February 7, 2011

In which I say something really funny and get you to read this post

My husband told me to "say something funny and get you to read this post." I did. I'm so compliant.


My Man is doing his MBA and is currently preparing for his Marketing final. He is researching diapers. Yup. Diapers. And he needs experts!

(This is where you come in.)

So -

what brand do you buy? why?
what brand DON'T you buy? why?
where do you buy diapers?
do you care what they look like? (cartoon characters, denim look, etc.)
do you buy in bulk?

Please respond! And quickly! His final is this weekend. ;o)


HeatherKitts said...

Brands we buy: Pampers and Luvs...I buy them because they work well (no leaks) and I get coupons for those brands most often. Pampers has 'overnights' and we like those. They hold alot of pee at night :)

We don't buy: Huggies. Why? They're kind of rough and hard.

Buy them at: Sams or Walmart

What they look like? Nope don't care

In bulk? Sometimes.

Kristen said...

I buy Parent's Choice at Walmart because I have 2 in diapers at the moment and they are cheapest.

Pampers leaked for my little girl so I haven't bought them in a long time.

I used to buy Huggies when we had a Costco membership, but that ran out so I am good with just buying the cheap stuff. It works just as great in my opinion.

And I normally buy the bigger boxes of it because I have 2 kids in the same size 4 diapers. So they go fast.

Good luck with the final!!

The Prices said...

I could care less what they look like.

I will only do the Wal-Mart brand when baby is one or older; before then, they just don't hold up.

My favorite is the Target brand, they are quality and affordable (not as cheap as wal-mart, not as expensive as Huggies). We will buy bulk too, the Kirkland brand.

I don't buy Huggies because even with a coupon they are usually more expensive than the Target brand.

I have a friend who won't buy Luvs or Pampers anymore because they are scented and she can't stand the smell.

Megan said...

what brand do you buy? why?
When I had to buy diapers it was always LUVS. They were the most effective at the cheapest price.

what brand DON'T you buy? why?
Although cheapest, the store brands either smelled funny or couldn't contain what they were supposed to (ew!). Huggies and Pampers were both way too expensive and didn't provide any benefits beyond what I needed from LUVS. And, they also had continual leakage like the store brands.

where do you buy diapers?
I found the best place to buy them was at on subscription. I could set up how often I needed them, get them shipped to my door for free, and get a 15% discount off the price. SA-WEET! (I'm not even sure they still do that with the big boxes of LUVS because it was such a great deal...)

do you care what they look like? (cartoon characters, denim look, etc.)
Not one whit. Functionality is what I needed. Although there was a little trauma in the family when LUVS switched from Barney to Blue's Clues.

do you buy in bulk?
Any time I could.

Kristen said...

I buy Pampers and have for both of my kiddos. We started out trying all different brands but came back to pampers. I used to buy them wherever had the best sale with coupons and stock up, but now I get them through Amazon since I signed up for their amazon mom deal since it's a better deal than sales and coupons and it comes to my door in 2 days, what mom doesn't want that right?

I hate the walmart brand diapers as well as luvs since my kids pee through those like none other and I will use huggies, but they don't seem to fit my kids' bums well.

I'd honestly rather the diapers didn't have cartoon characters all over them since I'm not a big fan, but I buy Pampers even though Sesame Street is large and in charge on the diaper.

I do buy in bulk, sometimes $100 at a time just so I get the deal and don't pay twice as much for diapers, but now I just spend about $25 to $50 and get a couple of boxes from Amazon....sorry for the massive novel!

Rachel Sue said...

We buy sams club brand to wear during the day (because they are cheap) and pampers cruisers for night. (they hold up better longer) And they are more expensive. I don't care one bit what they look like. I pretty much buy all diapers at sam's club, so if that counts as bulk, then yes.

And someday, some happy day, I will stop buying diapers. I pray for that day. . ..

Kaylene said...

We buy the Kirtland brand at Costco because they are in bulk and cheap and work well.

Won't buy pampers because they smell

Nikki said...

We buy Luvs. They have a no-leak guarantee. I called when they leaked and they sent me coupons for the replacement. I have never had a problem since.

Pampers Baby Dry is the same as Luvs. But Luvs are FAR cheaper. So I don't buy Pampers anymore unless they are cheaper than the Luvs. What's the point? So I can have Sesame characters instead of Blue's Clues?

I do NOT buy Huggies. Like HeatherKitts said, "They're kind of rough and hard." And my kids always leaked out of them under the age of 6 months. They're pricey too.

I usually buy my Luvs Diapers at the commissary. They're cheapest there. I also buy them at Wal-Mart on occasion.

I haven't tried the Costco brand. I've only heard positive things about them including price. My friend gave me a box that I will be using when Baby Girl is big enough. Then I'll form an opinion about them.

I don't care what the diapers look like. Does it keep poo off the carpet and potty out of the crib? check.

We buy in UBER-bulk. We use about 600 a month. I am super ninja diaper changin' momma. I'd throw in extraordinaire at the end-- but only if I were cloth diapering them. And I'm not. currently.

It is not uncommon to find me at the commissary with a cart completely full of the big boxes. I can fit eight.

One other thought, I am partial to the tabs that have tape not just the velcro.

Now if you want to know about wipes, click here.

Nikki said...

One other thought, At a baby shower I heard one grandma say she buys Pampers Baby-Dry over Luvs. I bought a huge box of Luvs once that had little slips of paper inside the inner package that said Pampers on them. I called the company and they confirmed that they did make both Luvs and Pampers. Now if we're comparing Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers, that's a different story. They fit better. But they are pricier. And in my Baby Girl's case, whatever was in the Swaddlers irritated her bottom.

After reading the other comments, I am quite curious about purchasing through Amazon now. I had no idea one could do that!

janae said...

For the first 2-3 months:

1)Huggies Supreme. Everything else leaks at some point or another. These things could hold two days worth and not leak.
2) Anything else. Parent's choice from Walmart is especially awful - leaks like crazy with only one dump.
3) Walmart
4) Not at all.
5) Yes. Well, I buy the biggest package they have.

For the rest of diaperhood:
1) Huggies normal. Because I can buy them in super bulk and because they are the cheapest ones at Costco. (Lots of people buy the Kirkland Signature ones thinking they are cheaper because they are the off brand, but they actually cost more per diaper. Why don't people actually read the tags??)
2) Anything else. Because they don't sell them in mega-bulk.
3) Costco. Because that's where they come in mega-bulk, and are therefore cheaper.
4) Still no.
5) That's like the most important part!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

We used to be strictly pampers. Then we discovered that we liked Huggies as much. Then I realized I didn't like pampers for older kids because their velcro is too thin. The End.

Fig said...

I use Pampers Swaddlers, because they are as soft as my baby's bottom and I'm a sucker. And because she's too big for size two and Swaddlers don't come in size three, I buy 32-packs of size 2-3 at the only place I've seen them for sale: my local grocery store. They're not cheap, but like I said, I'm a sucker.

Agree with the above comments re: Huggies. Rough and hard.

Joni said...

Kirkland brand at Costco. If we need diapers before I make it to Costco then I get Luvs. I like the way Luvs smell and they hold a lot for how thin they are. I don't like Pampers because I feel like seep. Makes for moist bottoms (on the OUTSIDE of the diaper). Kirkland and Luvs are also the most cost effective for our family.

Diapers I won't buy? Sam's Club and Walmart. They literally disintigrate. I once came across a gelatinous mound of pee-soaked absorber beads on my carpet. I could not figure out for the life of me what it was until I found the hole ripped in my son's diaper. Eww.

Qait said...

what brand do you buy? why?

HUGGIES, because they seemed the best quality and my baby's bum agreed.

what brand DON'T you buy? why?

Really, anything else, but I will NEVER ever buy Paren'ts Choice again because that kind is dripping wet all over the diaper with the slightest pee.

where do you buy diapers?

Um, the grocery store? That's usually the most convenient...

do you care what they look like?

I'd say no, but I don't think I'd ever buy diapers with Barnie or Teletubbies on them, for example, so maybe I do! I think I avoid the Clifford ones without meaning to...

do you buy in bulk?

Every time the budget can handle it, you bet!!!

Fig said...

I also like the P Swaddlers because they're relatively undecorated. Mostly white with a yellow stripe and a few Sesame Street dudes. But that's not why I buy them-just an added bonus.

Bridget said...

what brand do you buy? why?: Kirkland brand from Costco. Because I like to shop there, I like to buy them in bulk (fewer trips to the store), and I like them better than the other brands. They don't leak (unless I've left them on way too long). I buy huggies (very similar to kirkland) when costco has a coupon. I like them almost as well. I've also bought the target up and up brand and liked those fine as well.

what brand DON'T you buy? why?:
I don't buy pampers. I think they're too soft and always feel wet, and I think they smell like pee no matter what. I've never tried LUVS. I won't buy generic grocery store brands. My sister had some once and they were horrible! I think they were from rite aid or something.

where do you buy diapers?:
Costco. I have bought from walmart, target and And from the regular grocery store in an emergency.

do you care what they look like? (cartoon characters, denim look, etc.):
I don't really care, but the less stuff on them the better. I would prefer a completely plain white diaper.

do you buy in bulk?:

Kim L. said...

I prefer pampers for the first several months. They don't blow out.
Once they hit size 2, I usually buy Kirkland brand from Costco in bulk....cause they are generally cheaper bulk...because that is what I NEED. BULK.
I HATE huggies. They blow out...almost EVERY time.

Erin said...

I buy them at Costco - I think they are Huggies because right now Kirkland doesn't have the size I need.

I used to always buy the target brand. They were inexpensive and really, really good diapers. Had no problems with leaks or blowouts. But Target changed their diapers and then we moved.

Good luck to Your Man.

amber said...

what brand do you buy? why?
I started with pampers and huggies since we were given so many at my shower, but have switched to Luvs for the price. They work just as well as pampers and huggies for a lot less.

what brand DON'T you buy? why?
Parents choice. every single time I put one on the baby, he would soak through it on the first pee.

where do you buy diapers?
usually walmart or target

do you care what they look like? (cartoon characters, denim look, etc.)
do you buy in bulk?
I buy the biggest box available, so I try.

holley family said...

For disposables:

when our first was born (6 1/2 ys ago) we bought walmart's white cloud brand. but after about 4 months they changed the way they made them and cause horrible rashes. nothing worked except pampers. and pampers sensitive wipes. that was the way it was for ALL of our kids. we tried huggies, they leaked, luvs, leaked and rashed, parent's choice was even worse than white cloud.

and i did buy in bulk, but i did not care what they looked like.

i buy them at our local grocery with sales and coupons, or sams or target.

i have a friend who buys hers all on amazon.

we use pull ups at night for our 5 year old (he just can't quite wake up...)

But I am a mainly cloth diapering gal now. my favorite brands are bumgenius and thirsties. I get them at
I love how easy they are to use and how CUTE they are. hey if i'm gonna be doing cloth it better be worth it right ;P

but i do it mainly because it is so much better for my kids' skin, and so much cheaper in the long run!

and they do have bulk deals there too, and yes i do take advantage of that :)

hope this helps and good luck!

Teuscher said...

Only buy in bulk from Costco or Sams (occasionally).

Brand never mattered- whatever box I was the cheapest per diaper. I never had any issues with Huggies or Kirkland/Sams Choice not holding up so continued to buy.

Looks- couldn't care less. I'm not going to not buy the diapers just because of their looks, but some of the designs are just dumb. If all aspects were equal I would buy the animals.

But not on my radar screen anymore- Potty Trained Z this last week :-)

The Armstrong Article said...

what brand and why?

*when our babies are size newborn and 1 we buy pampers swaddlers because they are super soft on their newborn bums.
when the kids are a little older we switch to huggies little movers, and they seem to work well and hold lots. with out first, we used pampers past size 1, and they were ok, but after 1 little tinkle in them they seemed soaked, so huggies has them beat there. at night we use the huggies nighttime diapers, and they are awesome!

what DON'T we buy and why?

*store brands. i have a sister and mother in law that buy them and they are junk. sorry, but they are thin and don't hold a lot and the tabs are pathetic.

where do we buy diapers?

*usually at walmart. costco only carries the huggies snug and dry, and i don't like those at much, so we don't buy there.

buy in bulk?

*um, if you call a box of 130+ diapers bulk, then yes.

Danielle said...

We use Pampers Swaddlers when they're newborns, then Cruisers for baby 2 and 3, Huggies Natural Fit for baby 1. Baby one was skinny so Huggies worked well for her. Baby 2 and 3 have great big bottoms so the stiff Huggies don't work well at all for them.

I've experimented with generic brands and never found one that we liked well enough- they leak or smell funny. We lasted the longest with the Target brand experiment though.

We always buy bulk. Usually at Target with a coupon or our local grocery store which has pretty decent prices on diapers (same as Sams).

We don't care what they look like. In fact, if they made diapers without characters that worked well, that would be my first choice.

Marcia said...

what brand do you buy? why?
store brand EXCEPT size 2 I try to buy Huggies because at that size the child is peeing more than the square footage of a size 2 CHEAP diaper can hold. By size 3 the square footage of the diaper is big enough to hold all that pee, so I switch back to "the cheapest I can find."

what brand DON'T you buy? why?
Anything expensive or trendy, 'cause really, these babies don'e care what the "in" style is and neither do I.

where do you buy diapers?
I buy at Meijer or Aldi along w/ my groceries

do you care what they look like? (cartoon characters, denim look, etc.)

do you buy in bulk?
If I coudl find the cheapest price in bulk I would. (I don't have a Costco membership). Other than that my "bulk" is just filling up my cart with the enough to keep up with the 2/4 kids I have in diapers/pull-ups so I don't run out on Sunday morning! EEKS!

kristi said...

I buy Sam's club brand because I get a ton for a smaller price then the other kinds.

I love Pampers, but I can't stomach the price!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

We buy Target brand diapers. I used to be a fan of Parent's Choice from Walmart....but they changed how they make them recently and/or they just don't work for my son...vs my first two, who were daughters!

I don't buy name brand diapers. Why? I'm cheap...and the store brands do the same job...catch poop.

We buy our diapers at Target. I've been banned from Walmart by my hubs...go in for diapers, come out with the whole store ;).

I don't care what they look like. But Target diapers really are cute with their polka-dotted-ness. But if they were plain white...that would be fine too.

I don't buy in bulk...but probably should. :)

Wonder Woman said...

Brand: White cloud. Why: Cheapest at Walmart.

I don't buy cheapest at Target because they leak. I don't buy the others because they are more expensive.

I buy them at Walmart.

I do not care what they look like. Wait. I have started buying pull-ups for a son to wear at night. He cares about the characters, so having Buzz or Diego on them means I buy them.

Sometimes I buy in bulk (100 or so) and sometimes I buy smaller packages. Depends on how much cash I have.

I think you are always funny and I always read your posts, even if I rarely comment. :D

janel said...

For such an exciting intro, I'm happy to oblige.
I always buy Target brand diapers (best combination of quality and price) in bulk.
I don't buy the expensive brands or the very cheapest brands (too poor quality).
I don't care what the diapers look like. I wish I had a say in what they smelled like.
Good luck on the final!
How goes the potty training? (We're at a standstill.)

Kristi said...

what brand do you buy? why?
I buy Huggies, because they come in bulk at Sams and I hate the Sams Club Brand;)
what brand DON'T you buy? why?
I DO NOT buy Luv's - they always leak on me... I guess my kids have weird shaped bottoms???
where do you buy diapers?
I buu Diapers at Sams Club - we have no Cosco where I live:(
do you care what they look like? (cartoon characters, denim look, etc.)
No - I don't care...
do you buy in bulk?
Oh ya!!!

BTW - the word verification was buyall.... appropriate, no?

RH said...

Pampers and Luvs. I LOVE pampers, they don't smell like urine when they get really really wet, but are way too expensive.

We purchase Luvs because they are Pampers, for the more frugal. Same company produces them, many of the same benefits are seen.

But I try really hard to not purchase Proctor and Gamble. animal rights and all, this is the only exception.

I hate huggies, but not as much as any store generic. Leak central.

I don't care what character is on them, Disliked the huggies that came out with the daisy duke diapers last summer.

I buy a box 90-108, unless I am desperate for a size and they are out of boxes. Target has the best price, walmart tries to fool you, their box has less, and Sams doesn't carry luvs.

Richard and Stephanie said...

Pampers...only Pampers. We've had problems with leaks and blow outs from both Huggies and Luvs (and cheap-o store brands). I hate to admit it, but I wish the baby Disney characters were on the Pampers instead of the Huggies...but it's not enough of a concern to make me change brands. We buy our diapers at Babies R Us. Sam's has the same box but for only about $1 cheaper and Babies R Us has a great buy 9 get the 10th box free incentive. We buy the big box of about 150 at a time. Hope that answers all your questions.

Sweating in the endless heat said...

I buy either Sam's Club brand or Costco. I buy them cause they are cheaper. I prefer the Costco over Sam's, but Costco is farther away from me, so Sam's is what I typically get. I don't really like them, because they leak, but they do the job pretty well during the day. Maybe, I just need to buy bigger size???

Annette Lyon said...

I can happily report that I can't help you out.

We've been out of diapers for years, but I STILL cackle with glee when I walk past the diaper aisle.

It's a joyous time, I tell you.

Jennie said...

I buy Huggies, in bulk, at Costco. I like huggies because they fit my kiddos great and absorb great. I will not buy Pampers, they made my kids break out in rashes. I couldn't care less what characters are on the diapers. Good luck to your husband on his final!!

Elizabeth said...

We buy Huggies or Kirkland brand. We do NOT buy Pampers because they don't fit our kids well (lots of blow-outs.) We would LIKE to buy more environmentally friendly diapers, but I don't know where to find them and I'm afraid they'd be expensive.

We buy our diapers at Costco (except for Newborn size and size 1 because they don't carry them.) Cheap. Bulk. We like.

We don't really care what they look like -- some designs are cuter than others, but the bottom line is that they all go under clothes and it doesn't much matter -- although sometimes I wish they didn't have designs so they wouldn't show through white summer outfits because that just looks bad.

Mark wishes that there were some way to color code the front from the back because of how often he starts putting on a diaper only to realize he's putting it on backward. His product designer, problem-solving brain saw a need and a solution might fast. :)

Is that helpful?

(ARGH! It won't let me sign in to my Google account for some inexplicable and INFURIATING reason. Hi. It's Lyz. You'll just have to settle for this today. Not that I think you'll be all cut up about it. :P)

Riddlez said...

I used to use only Pampers. They were so absorbent and soft and smelled good. If you've every used them, you know. They do! I'm serious. Especially the swaddlers.

Then, about 6 months ago they introduced this newfangled gel stuff that is awful. And they raised their prices. And they narrowed their velcro straps. Now, they hang horribly, absorb nothing and fit miserably.

I now use Huggies. They're like, meh. Just alright. They don't leak much. They fit well and they have a nice wide strap that doesn't fold in half and stays snug. They don't smell good, though.

I've also tried the Target brand. No complaints yet.

I don't like Luvs much. I think they don't have much give or stretch.

I buy diapers at Walmart or Target.

I don't care one bit about what they look like.

I don't buy in bulk because I always end up with left overs because we can never get through them fast enough. They don't sell the ones you really need in bulk (N,1 and 2) because, well, they wouldn't make as much money now would they?

Good luck with the test!

Mitchell4 said...

Oh cooool topic. With 3 boys 3 and under I've had some experience in this department.

Our hospital sent us home with Pampers for the newborn. I like them cuz they are soft. After that I use Huggies. I have big boys and the huggies are thick so I know that they can hold up for a few hours.

I've tried the others and just wasn't impressed. I'll spend the few extra cents for peace of mind.

Cartoons characters? I couldn't care less. I guess that's for the kids.

I buy my diapers in bulk at Sams Club.
Tell your Husband good luck with this assignment.

Jean said...

Jumping in a day late.
We tried almost every brand of diapers with our newborn (thank heavens for baby showers!) and this is what we thought, newborn heavy-wetting-boy wise:

Luvs= too plasticky. Like putting a bag on.
Pampers= too soft and fabric-y. They didn't hold everything in.
Parent's Choice= good feel, but leaked sometimes.
Huggies= best overall. Good feel, fit and protection. Also the most expensive.

Being somewhat limited in options for places to buy diapers (we live 2+ hours from the nearest Costco or Sam's Club), we buy them either at Walmart or our local grocery stores.
That also means that we can't really buy in bulk, except the Jumbo packs from Walmart.

We recently discovered Family Dollar-brand Kidgets and actually really like them. Our son is now 8 months and in size 3; we like the Kidgets brand even better than Parent's Choice. In the last pack of Parent's Choice leaked.

I don't care what they look like.

Julie said...

I buy Huggies because they're not as crappy (no pun intended) as the store brands but they're not as spendy as Pampers. Plus, they seem to work well for us.

We used to buy Parent's Choice from Walmart, but sometime after I had my second baby their quality went downhill. So we moved up on the price scale to Luvs and I still wasn't impressed so Huggies it is.

Walmart used to have a brand called White Cloud about 10 years ago, but my son had an allergic reaction to those so no more White Cloud for us. Plus, I don't think they carry it anymore.

I don't care at all what they look like. I don't think my kids do, either.

I buy my diapers at Walmart or Costco, so "yes" to the bulk. If I'm going to be buying 9 bajillion of them anyway, why not buy 9 bajillion at a cheaper price?

I'm so glad to see you blogging regularly again. I've missed you. :)

MNM: Mangum Family said...

For budget purposes, we buy Parents Choice. But, I'm sorta bothered that the size 6 is purple, because I have 2 boys, and I have issues with putting my boys in purple diapers.
I prefer Huggies for infants, they just seem to hold better.
If money weren't part of the equation, I would buy LUVS, but right now money is dictating that I must continue to put my 3 year old boy in purple diapers. I hope he doesn't get a complex.
What ever happened to White Cloud?! Now that was a diaper I could stand behind. Cheap and functional!

Hilary said...

Late to the party on this one, but I used to buy either Huggies or Kirkland brand from Costco (and Costco wipes, 'cause they are the best, even though their redesign in the last year or so made the packaging suck more). But now, I'm so over Costco. Buy all my diapers at Amazon with their subscribe and save program -- I save TONS over even Costco's prices. I've started buying more Luvs, 'cause they're cheaper and I like them as much. But have also purchased Huggies and Pampers on Amazon. Don't really have a preference. I just love getting them for like 5-10 cents less a DIAPER than I used to get them at Costco!

mjjacksons said...

We loved White Cloud until they were discontinued. Now we love Luvs, but usually buy Parents Choice to save some pennies. (Every so often our nice siblings give us Pampers, which we also like ;)

We have been thoroughly advised against Costco diapers and thus avoid them faithfully.

We buy by the box. We think denim diapers are ridiculous.

Annnnnnnnd, I prefer Sesame Street over Blue Clues, but it doesn't affect our purchase.

Risa said...

Sorry, I'm getting to this so late in the game. It's probably to late for my input but i'm going to give it anyway so here goes...

We use cloth. They are a lot easier than most people think, they are better for the environment, they average out to be cheaper in the long run and they don't have the chemicals in them so I like to think they are better for my baby girl.

However, when we are not at home (church, grandmas, errands, vacations, etc.) we use disposable. We usually buy whatever is cheapest. Because we don't use them very often I don't really worry about them working perfectly. The last set of diapers we bought was a case of Huggies from Costco because they had a coupon and I just assumed that that would be the best deal. I could care less about the pictures on the diaper since you're just going to cover them up with cutie patootie clothes anyway. If I was buying a lot more diapers my two main concerns would be price and how well they worked...and honestly as long as they generally worked decently price would win.

Melanie Jacobson said...

I buy Huggies because I can buy them cheap in bulk at Costco. They work fine for me. Oh, except for newborns, Pampers Swaddlers are a must. They just work the very best. And cartoon matters don't matter that much but given a choice within a brand that I'm going to buy anyway, I'll choose something more boy-ish for my son. And then present them like they're a fun surprise for him.