Monday, February 21, 2011

In which we are pretty lame

So this week, rather than have a date night, we took turns being deathly ill and giving each other head rubs. Actually, I'm pretty much the only one who got the head rubs. I lucked out. Although the "deathly ill" part wasn't very lucky.

We're better now.

Oh, we also spent a lot of time playing Angry Birds on My Man's new iPhone.

'ts fun.

Better luck next week?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

In sickness and health right?

Kimberly said...

We've had the same kind of week. Yay for getting better!

DeNae said...

I was sick all week, too. Now I want another week off WITHOUT being sick - just to catch up on everything that fell to pieces last week!

Qait said...

Yay for angry birds! :) I'm stuck on a level though, so I'm more angry than the birds and haven't played for a while.... ;)
Glad you're feeling better.

raprettyman said...

He does NOT look happy in this picture.
Hope everyone is well now!