Monday, February 14, 2011

In which we talk. and talk. and talk. and talk.

Date night this week was supposed to be a barbecue by the lake. 'Cept we were running late, and there really wasn't time. So we partook of Ye Olde Firepit On The Back Porch.

(I realize that most of you can't have a fire on your back porch when your back porch is covered in snow. It is February, after all. Can ye partake of Ye Olde Fireplace instead, perhaps? Or if ye don't have a fireplace, maybe you can cuddle around the stove?)

I had a truly fabulous box of conversation topics from The Game of Things, (an inspired Christmas present from my dad) but we didn't even open it.

Isn't it amazing how sitting around the flames gets you to really open up? How the spiritual seems much more present? How you can feel you can talk about anything in the world? And you do?

We are totally playing footsie in this picture.

We talked until the coals were just glowing embers.

Then we finished the cold dregs of our hot cocoa -

Kissed, and went to bed.

Happy Valentine's Day -


Jocelyn Christensen said...

How sweet.

Happy Mom said...

You've inspired me girl! It's not happening every week, but it's happening more often thanks to you!(he was so impressed with our Valentines date last friday!)

Kimberly said...

Love this. Love.

Lara said...

You should write a book. 52 date nights.

I would buy it!

Marcia said...

Yes, after this year you should write a book. Have you seen Julie and Julia? Kinda like that...! (But with less cooking.)

Harmony said...

ooh, ooh, the book? you really should write it!

Qait said...

More exciting than the fire to me (and that's saying a lot, as I'm something of a secret pyromaniac) is the fact that you and your husband have great conversation without the help of a game.
That was my most favorite thing about our own Valentine's Date last night--intelligent, stimulating conversation that covered (and exhausted) several topics.
Plus, no talking over kids! Mmm! :)