Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Disney anti-recap

So -

I was sick for two days out of three, and practically had a DayQuil IV tapped into my arm.
My shoe broke on the first day.
It rained the whole second day - especially during the (outdoor) "World of Color" extravaganza.
It was freezing. 'Specially by Arizona standards. And we were SO not prepared. 
There was at least one poopypantsepisode.
There were several almost-poopypantsepisodes. (Why don't they make bathrooms easier to find? ....)
There was lotsandlots of sibling poking.
There was lotsandlots of fighting over who-sits-next-to-mom-or-dad-or-whoever-your-brother-wants-to-sit-next-to-at-the-moment.
There might have been a few meltdowns - some sugar related, some sleep-deprivation related, some for no apparent reason other than what-the-heck-everyone-is-staring-might-as-well-give-them-a-good-show.

But I stand by what I said yesterday -

It was still the perfect family vacation. 

Because everyone was so giddy the whole entire time. Because we never stopped laughing. Because My Man and I got to playlaughhaveaball for three days straight with our kids.

Because we expected it to be perfect. 

So it was - p e r f e c t.


Kimberly said...

I love the peek at the reality behind the perfection. Hard things and Perfection are NOT mutually exclusive and I love how you've painted that fact in big bold letters for us. =)

Rachel Sue said...

I am a bit jealous. Just so you know. But glad you had a fabulous time. Truly. Everyone deserves a week like that.

Elizabeth said...

Since it already rained on your parade (and you had poopypantsissues) I won't. :P Even though I'm all jealous and stuff.

Welcome back.

Someday I will go and I will take my kids and I will ask you for all your advice on what to do and when and where to go, etc. etc. Love your boys (including Your Man's) smiles in those pictures. :)

LisAway said...

Those are the things perfect vacations are made of. If nothing wrong or annoying happened it wouldn't be perfect, it'd be weird.

janel said...

It takes an awesome person to not only notice the silver lining, but to let the silver lining define their lives, rather than the alternative.

Qait said...

Ditto to what LisAway said-- those things are so normal in our mothering lives that they don't have to dampen a vacation. Still sounds perfect to me!

raprettyman said...

We need "Like" buttons, like Facebook. You know, when you just really "get it." I "Like" some of the comments always too.
I so agree with Kimberly's first comment. It is good to realize that others are not perfect either, but that doesn't have to make anyone's day or life terrible.
I've been accused of being "too happy" before, because of this attitude of find the fun or good in anything. Or just going with the flow.
Is it really possible to be TOO HAPPY?

I also find it funny that my verification word is PUBAG. Say that out loud. Hee hee makes me think of all those poopy pants issues you were having. ;)