Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter countdown

One of my favorite things about blogging is how inspired I am by all of YOU. For some time now I've been pondering how to make Easter more meaningful. Inspired by Jocelyn and Janae, I'm joining them in an Easter countdown.

Janae had found these awesome hollow wooden eggs last year, and I basically fell in love. My mom and I painted all last week to turn them into true treasures. I'm sure they'll get beat up and nicked as the years go by, but I know they'll turn into priceless heirlooms just the same. I have visions of presenting hand painted Easter Countdown eggs to my sons when they get married.

We plan on having a little devotional every morning this week. First we'll sing the Primary Song, "He Sent His Son" and then open the egg. Read the enclosed scripture and talk about what it means to you. Personal application is the key.

I also got a couple Easter books to read throughout the week. I hope to add to my Easter library every year!

I started with these two:

May the Easter spirit be with each of you this week, as we celebrate the best news the earth has ever received -

He is risen!


Riddlez said...

I read the Tale of the Three Trees every Easter and Christmas. And I ball. Like a baby in front of everyone. I love that tale. Happy Easter.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

SWEET! I LOVE those eggs. What a cool, cool tradition. And I really like both of these books. We read the three trees for Christmas this year, but I didn't include it in our Easter countdown.

My kids have actually learned a lot from these books we've been reading. On Sunday we were doing a Palm Sunday thingy, cutting out palms and my son suddenly said, what about some shirts? The people laid down their shirts too. I'm like, uh, how did you know that, did they tell you that in Primary. He said no and pointed at the pile of books we've been reading for Easter.

Yes, success! :) I want to see more of your eggs!