Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Um. Wow. I'm actually posting.

Confession. For the first month of my Summer Sabbatical, it was nice. Soooo nice. When I had free time, I wasn't scanning photos for blog ideas, wishing I had paid more attention in my photography class, staring at a blank page, feeling guilty for not commenting more, stressed and pressure-ized to blog every day. It wasn't on my chore-list, and it was wonderful.

Instead, I read. And hung out with the fam. And read some more. Oh, and I read, too.

And then, after a few weeks ... I started to get these ideas. Funny phrases would fly through my head and I'd think, "hey, I should use that on a blog ..." only to realize I wasn't blogging.

(Before you get all excited for comic awesomeness, I have now forgotten all those funny phrases. Forgiveness, please.)

Another thing happened. I stopped taking pictures. It was like, without that little orange funky-looking "B" haunting me, I had no reason to document my life. Who knew.

Even sadder, we stopped dating. I know. I KNOW! Very weird, considering we didn't start our "52 Dates" thing just to blog about it - but without accountability, it didn't happen. We've been boring all summer.

I'm so disappointed in us.

So even though summer's not quite over, and there's still two weeks left before school starts, and it's not like I really have anything to say -


Because more than anything  -

I missed you!


Hel said...

Ugh... I just wrote an amazing comment that didn't post.

In summary:

I was thinking about you JUST this morning.

My photography has been lacking recently, too. Didn't make the connection with the slack blogging, but now that you mention it, it makes sense.

I'm glad you are back... just don't expect any miracles from my blog... ;)

Katy said...

Yes! I've missed this!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I've been missing you. Like. A lot.

Rachel Sue said...

Good. Cause you have been missed around here!

Annette Lyon said...

I haven't been reading blogs all that faithfully, but I sat up when you popped up in my reader just now. Yay!