Monday, December 14, 2009

A really - REALLY?! - kind of day.

I did not have a good night's sleep last night. Something about an aching back. Oh, and nightmares that bad guys were chasing my children in a hotel, and I was trying to hide them in a huge basket of laundry, but they kept giggling and giving away our position.

Something like that.

I ignored the alarm clock and did not do yoga, read my scriptures OR take a shower. The three things that generally start my day off well.

Instead I woke up to "MOOOOO-OOOOM! GIVE ME CEREAL" and a quarter cup of milk in the fridge.

We opted for Cream of Wheat made with water.

I HATE Cream of Wheat made with water.

("We don't say hate, Mom!")

Little Prince was late to school because he refused to tie his shoes. And I was told off because we don't own any "crazy socks" for Spirit Week. Apologies, oh Spirit Week Gods.

Ouro Branco bawled buckets on the floor from 7:50 to 8:40. I don't know why. But he did it right in front of the dishwasher, making it impossible to empty. I get crabby when I can't empty the dishwasher.

Mr. Squishy threw the 1/4-cup-of-milk-that-was-left across my newly washed floor (courtesy of My Man), and then promptly got into a food fight with Cream of Wheat. The Cream of Wheat won.

Really? REALLY!?

We went to the store. Funny, I know. But don't forget they have child care there.

I spent a blissful hour shopping alone for the 29 people who will soon be coming to my house. We have lots of chip dip now.

We only had a minor scene in getting Ouro Branco away from the puzzles in the Cubhouse. Just kicking and screaming and thrashing around - no big deal.


In putting away the groceries, I thought now would be a good time to clean out the fridge. The cottage cheese was beginning to hit that adolescent stage - rebellion and acne all over the place. And why not push the "self-clean" button on the oven? It's not like I have to DO anything, right? Right? ...

Oh, yeah. Except cook that now-exploding-over-the-top sourdough bread that I left to rise while we were gone. It's for neighbor gifts. Now it will have to wait four hours and twenty minutes for the oven to finish. I hope I don't poison my neighbors with noxious oven cleaner sourdough bread.

Then a shelf in the fridge door collapses. I don't know why. Just to spice things up, I guess.

Mayonnaise and minced garlic all over the for-at-least-a-few-minutes-clean fridge. And rug. And me.

Really? REALLY?!

*One hour interlude while I clean up the garlic-and-mayonnaise mess. I have a hankering to eat chicken garlic alfredo.*

*In the meantime, Ouro Branco takes exactly one bite out of each and every strawberry that was meant for a fruit basket gift, and Mr. Squishy empties every bowl, pot, pan, and piece of Tupperware all over the kitchen floor, and fills them with rocks from the backyard.*


Putting Mr. Squishy to bed. Might as well make up the guest bed while I'm at it, right? Might as well put away his laundry, right? Might as well organize his drawers and sift through all the six-month onesies that don't fit anymore, right? ... And I expect the children to NOT destroy the basement while I'm at it, riiiiiiiight?

I'm insane.

It should be known that a minimal amount of peanut butter balls were crammed into my mouth this morning.

No children were harmed in the making of this post. Yet.


Mommadj5 said...

I'm SOOOO sorry - but I can't help but laugh. What is that song about life - Another Day in Paradise? Yeah. Your day tops my burst bathroom pipe/falling kitchen ceiling saga yesterday. Hang in there - we will be there soon - although I'm not sure that will help :-) - just add to the stress! Laugh a little! Love you bunches.

MommyJ said...

This is why we bloggers need each other. Because when you have days like this, we can all say we absolutely understand and we have totally been there and somehow, some way, you will survive. And then when it happens to us, you can say the same thing.

Hope tomorrow gets better. Now go eat another peanut butter ball!

Mrs. M said...

Oof, what a day! Courage (and snacks) will help you survive. Good luck!

Brittany Ann said...

Sounds quite miserable, I wish I could help, but we're having one of those days, too. So sorry about the fridge, and the tantrums, and...everything. I hope it gets better soon!

Tamsin said...

You are a Superhero Mother Goddess. We all stand back in awe.

Joni said...

I've had a few of those days, but that does sound like a doozy. Add pregnancy into the mix and I would have been on the phone with hubby begging for a sick day.

And they say we'll wish for these days back.

Kimberly said...

I had that day two days ago. The good news? Tomorrow will ROCK, simply by comparison.

Love you!

Julia said...

eat a few more PB balls and go back to bed!! yikes.

Erin said...

...and doing all of this while pregnant. Wow! Tomorrow has to be better.

Did you actually eat chicken garlic alfredo? It sounds delish. So do the peanut butter balls.

Harmony said...

aw shucks! What a no-good-horrible-very-bad-day you have had! And the day isn't over yet! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

At least you have this written down so that you can wish the same upon your children when THEY have children...

and... grocery stores that have child care? Or are you just talking about sticking the kid in the grocery cart and calling that child care? I'm confused.

But don't answer my question today. I don't want to add to your clutterness of a crazy Monday.

Loves and giggles and hugs!

NatalieHemingway said...

Where in the world do you shop that has child care???!!! SERIOUSLY!!??? I'd shop every day if that were the case!!

wonder woman said...

Oh, That Girl. I hope you will sleep well tonight. Really. Really.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Sounds like MY kind of (every) day!

Hugs from far away in "Chaos, PA"!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

that is really one heck of a crazy day.

And where do you shop that has a daycare???

Melanie J said...

Not killing your child on a day like this should be considered a total victory.

DeNae said...

I'm with everyone up there, particularly Melanie. Those days where all of your kids are still breathing at the end of them are the days of pure victory.

And what is it about appliances giving you crap? Stupid fridge.

You, by the way, are an animal. I don't do that much in a week, and I'm neither pregnant nor raising little ones.

Hats off to you, my dear!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I'd like to say that I have no idea what days like that are like. But then I'd be a big, fat LIAR! We all have them. But today will be better. And hopefully soon you'll be able to laugh about it, right?!

Kristi said...

So sorry for your terrible, awful, horrible, no good day!!! We all have them, but it doesn't really help to know that does it?!?!
Also - your grocery store has child care?????? WHAT!?!? I need to move there!

Rachel Sue said...

These are the days when my feud with the tv takes a day off. . .

Michelle said...

I've sooo been there! Hugs Becky, hang in there, hopefully today is better than yesterday!

Harmony and Natalie, I know the store my relatives in NJ shop in (Shop Rite) has a child care room. It was closed when we went shopping (of course) but it was a little child care room where you drop off the kidlets while you shop. I was very jealous when I saw this and I think we need to petition all stores to have this kind of service available.

Becca said...

I had a similar day yesterday. Though not in the details. It ended nicely though. We drove to the big city to pick up the Christmas ham DH's work gave us and the toddler slept the whole way.

Then she got sick when we got home. 3 times before we all went to bed late. Only once so far today. So far she hasn't got it all over my lap either (unlike last night).

Just SO said...

That is a pretty darn *really, really* type of day! I hope that the next day was better.