Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I may be taking too many pictures

because as I went to get my camera to document Little Prince's trampoline acrobatics the other day, he protested thus:

LP: DON'T GET THE CAMERA. (Simple. Direct. To the point. I like it. Except not.)

Me: But I want to remember you, LP. (Such logic. I impress myself.)



Image here.


Nikki said...


Kazzy said...

Every time I take my youngest's picture he says, "Is that for your blog?" He doesn't like it. LOL

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

hahahaheheheh! he doesn't know about mommy brain- and that it blips occassionaly :)

wonder woman said...

But our brains forget. Especially mommy brains. The only way I can conjure images of my kids when they were younger is to think of a picture.

Tell LP that mommy brains have too many holes, and that's why they invented cameras. :o)

Just SO said...

Ha! My brain wasn't given those special brain cells that help me remember very well...that is why I need a camera.

Mommadj5 said...

Take a movie instead - especially of action things. I wish I had more "home movies" sometimes instead of pictures.

Kimberly said...

Oh. My. What a disturbingly clever answer...

Tobi said...

How can you argue with that logic?

I take way too many pictures of my children too. So far they haven't called me on it yet.

Melissa Bastow said...

What a little genius. Or is it smart alek? Either way - that's funny.

Lara said...

Someday he'll understand. My kids go back and forth with the's a love hate relationship.

rad6 said...

great comment by LP, but keeping taking the pics!!!
You are good at it!
They will be happy later... or at least their wives will. :)

Tobi said...

You can't stop me from commenting on the above post titled "In which I prove how lame I really am."

A. You are not lame! You are just not comfortable in a group setting. I understand and I feel the same way.

B. Nobody is as funny in person as they are on their blog. I should know because I am ONLY funny on my blog too.

C. I'm not going to the conferences either. I can't because of military moves and overseas deployments. Clearly, little stuff. =)

D. I still remained convinced of your awesomeness and your skinniness. You cannot persuade me otherwise. SO THERE!

Hel said...

I'm with Tobi,

I can't let the above post go without commenting! I've met you and I KNOW you are skinny. You may not be at the moment because YOU. ARE. PREGNANT!

I'm not going because I live on the other side of the world. I like that I have a really good excuse. I guess I've just not been really interested in those sorts of things... maybe with time that will change.

p.s. You are totally better in real person than on your blog (and I really like your blog).

Nikki said...

I have my bloggy friends that I love dearly. I even have a few bloggy fans. (Okay. Two.) But I can't help but think - what if they don't like me in real life? Sometimes I think that all you people that leave such flattering comments are just kidding yourselves. I mean, shoot. Most of you actually think I'm fairly skinny. That proves you're delusional.
Umm... you ARE funny and I'm sure skinnier than me. For some reason people think I'm skinnier as well on my blog.

I think I prefer to remain in the role of "person you have built up to be somewhat cool in your head," rather than come crashing down in all my quirky realities. Ditto.

Here's what I would do if I actually went to the conference: sit in a chair surrounded by women who all inexplicably seem to know one another. Take notes with lots of doodles. Wish I knew how to accessorize. Feel sorry for myself. Leave. I know because I do the same thing almost every Enrichment night. (Sorry. RELIEF SOCIETY MEETING.) Ditto again.

Oh, and don't forget that I'll be doing these things while sweating profusely - especially out of my right armpit, because for some reason I always sweat more out of my right armpit. left pit for me. seriously.

If anyone actually struck up a conversation - or worse, if anybody recognized me - I'd probably freeze. I would frantically try to come up with something witty or funny, because for some reason the MMB classified me as a "Funny Lady." Pressure. Yeah, I'd freeze too. Unfortunately, no one thinks I'm funny. That's fine, cuz I'm not. Apparently I'm "saucy." Whatever that means. Is it all the recipes I post? idk

Instead, I'd probably jabber on about really awesome topics like the weather and health care reform. And the sweat stains on my right side. I'd jabber on too as I notice the glazed over look on their faces and try desperately to figure out how to shut-up already.

The fact is, I'm only funny when not under pressure. And when I'm completely comfortable. (Like right now. At my computer. I'm not even sweating.) But neither of these circumstances is likely to happen at a blogging conference. So I'd revert to my natural state of being: geek. A wall-hugging, clutching-a-book, geek. Still don't believe you're a geek. But I can understand the being funny when not under pressure. One sweet friend I know in real life is a hilarious writer on her blog. And I don't think she's a faker. It just endears me to her more. But in real life, she comes across as shy to most folk.

Now don't get me wrong. I would love to meet you all. But in small groups. And only if you guys didn't know each other, either. (Because I hate being the only one who gets introduced.) And also it'd be nice if we all brought our husbands and kids - so if all else fails by way of conversation, we can talk about them. Or to them. Oh, and don't forget the food. Lots of food. And perhaps deodorant. Ditto. again.

Exactly one person that reads my blog I see on a regular basis. (Hi, Katy!) One other I see on a not-so-regular-basis, which is ridiculous since we live so close. (Hi, Kathy!) Other than that - you all think I'm actually skinny. So there you are. lol- once again I'm reminded of my friend I see in real life. I sometimes wonder what she thinks of what my blog readers think.

No comments today. I'm not fishing for declarations of love and assurances that I am cool - and I'm proving it by cutting the line. I'm simply siphoning my thoughts. Cuz that's what I do here.

The end.

As you can see, I can't handle not commenting. I assure you, you are cool. ;) And even more so cool because you have the willpower to shut off comments. I tried that once. I couldn't do it. Maybe one day. lol

Kaylene said...

Referring to the above post, I know you didn't want comments, but I don't comment on your blog often cause I feel like a stalker. but hey I love to read your stuff.

Anyway, good to hear someone feels like I do. I am so so soooo awkward around people and yet love people at the same time. I wish everyone could be my friend, but worry they'll all get to know the real me and not like me.

I have a love hate relationship with Relief Society Meeting or any other gathering of people. I love to meet people and talk and enjoy, but hate the crippling feeling of insecurity I feel with these amazing women I meet.

I try to fake it but come off, well, fake. I'm very jealous of those women who have loads of friends and seem to be confident and comfortable at these gatherings. I say jealous but it verges sometimes of envious hate. I'm embarrassed to admit that, but it is true.

And so each gathering I go home with heavy heart and pray for forgiveness. I've now decided to avoid those women and find someone who seems lonely or is new. However, that can be stressful too.

After this awfully way too long comment I don't think I've helped, but it has helped me to empathize with you and get out these silent feelings.

I've come to love you through your writing and don't care about any weaknesses perceived or otherwise.
You are a great mom, wife, writer, follower of Christ, and women. And I'm sure I wouldn't think otherwise even if I met you.

rad6 said...

look at all that are commenting on your blog when you said NO COMMENTS... haha... guess you spent more efort than necessary in the 3 seconds it took you to click the "comments off" button!
So here is the deal. I have a "friend" that is having her own blog conference of sort, and I feel like you... it is fun, but this is not my REAL life... and I hardly even post, I mostly read... so I really would have no interest either. BUT, after this post I decided that I wanted to meet you. Haha... and BTW skinny is overrated and your PREGNANT!!!! And you are stinkin cute pregnant!!
And if you did not count me in as one of your two blog fans I am going to be 500 percent sad. I will become your number one commentor and then you will know. I LOVE reading your blog.
I love how real you are. And the above posts just reminded me why. No fluff and stuff from me either. I only say it like I see it!

Qait said...

HAhahah if my son complains, I'll just tell him how I always wished there were more pictures from my childhood and from my parents' childhoods (that word sounds so weird plural. Childrenhood? HAH!).
So far, he's just so obsessed with seeing the picture/video he won't wait to pose/act for it. :)
I do think there are valuable times without the camera though. Kind of forces us to use that brain. Keep George working! Put that one Special file cabinet to use! ;)