Thursday, March 25, 2010

A very different post


Wait - don't stop reading.

I just wanted to say a couple things.


I am amazed at the reactions this whole thing is generating. "This is the end of the world." "Obama is the devil himself." "Our entire country is going to pot." And I can't help snorting my sinuses out every time I read another facebook status about it.

Because - seriously - THIS IS NOT A MORAL ISSUE.

Sheesh, people.

I'm tired of hearing people exhort me to prayer and fasting that the reform will not come to pass - that people assume that any and every one is against it. Tired of hearing that anyone who is for it is going to hell.

And - forgive me - but the most vocal antis really don't seem to know what the heck they're talking about.

I honestly think that most people are against it simply because it seems the cool thing to do. It's easy. You don't have to defend yourself. You can simply roll your eyes and repeat one or all of the trite phrases mentioned above. "GAWRSH (ala Napoleon Dynamite) - can you believe Obama the Devil is letting our country go to pot? It's the end of the world! I need some chapstick. My lips hurt real bad."

Those who have done their research and are honestly opposed to it: good on ya. Kudos. Those who have done their research and are honestly for it: good on ya. Kudos. Either way, please do not invoke God or the devil or both. I doubt they care.

Let's spend our energy and facebook statuses on things that really would affect the moral standing of the United States - and if you really need an issue to work your undies into a scrunch, I've got a whole list of 'em. The cost is one tube of strawberry chapstick -

because cherry flavored is of the devil, and rots my lips to pot.


Joni said...

Amen, Amen and Amen.

Is it funny that my facebook status is, verbatim "I think it's funny to read friends' comments about the Healthcare reform from both the left and the right. You can spin anything!"?

Are we fishing our thoughts out of the same stream?

Hey, if I knew your last name we could facebook friends. :)

LisAway said...

Yeah, often the most vocal people on any side of any controversial issue are underinformed. Watching I-don't-remember-his-first-name Baldwin (one of Alec's brothers)on Larry King Live the other day practically hurt.

MommyJ said...

I just said to my husband last night that the frustrating thing is that when you hear people argue the issue, it doesn't even matter what's said, because both parties involved have already decided that anything that comes out of the mouth of the other is ridiculous. I'm all about being informed. And being reasonable.

It reminds me of when someone's facebook status urged people not to vote for Adam Lambert on American Idol because he's gay, and then said "Praise God! Our prayers worked!" when he didn't. Really? REALLY? I'm guessing God doesn't really care about american idol. Made me mad.

As does people spouting off idiot things in regards to this issue.

And now I'm done. Soapbox put away.

Sarah said...


LisAway said...

One of my extremely conservative facebook friends called Obama "unprincipled" for signing an executive order to "ban" abortions, even though he is pro choice. I commented that he didn't ban anything and the guy just said he was only trying to make a point (or something). Yes, by misinforming. Whatever.

I DO have something to say about the moral issue. I would hope that most people who talk about the morality of it are referring to the controversial way in which it was passed and their opinion that he used bribes etc. Also, that abortion will likely be covered, the financial aspect of it etc. Those are the ways I think people think this is bad for America. Setting bad precedence and not that more people will have health care.

I still don't love the hellfire and damnation talk, either, though.

Julia said...

amen and hallelua! i'm exhausted with it all. i think we'd be great friends in "real life" you always express exactly what i'm thinking:)

Erin said...

(I realize that this comment is only a teeny bit related to your post. Sorry.)
I casually mentioned in conversation with some people in my ward last week that my husband is a Democrat. You should have SEEN their eyes bug out of their heads. They didn't know what to do with me or talk about after that.


But even that - Republican/Democrat. It's so polarizing, and that doesn't mean that my husband votes straight Democrat every single time. The thing is to do your research on each subject and make an informed decision.

Thanks for this post!

Kimberly said...


I have to confess that having lived in your fair country and then in my own (with its socialized healthcare), I really see the pros and cons of each system. I haven't educated myself on the issue and therefore don't have a firm opinion but the facebook ranting is getting a bit annoying. Well said!

Julie said...

My last facebook status was about bananas. Is that a bad thing?

Bonnie said...

I have to disagree with you on the moral aspect of it. This country was founded on moral principals and the constitution was inspired of God, so you have to forgive those of us who are so passionate about this and other issues that take away those God-given rights when we get a little irate about it. I absolutely believe that God DOES care that we have let this country "go to pot." The scriptures teach that we will be held accountable for not doing what we can to keep that from happening. Here is a great video from a very enlightened prophet of God.

Maybe it won't be so offensive coming from him.


"One of those"

P.S. I really do love your blog! Hope I am still welcome here!

Stephanie said...

Seriously, thank you.

I literally turned facebook off because i was so sick of all the very well educated opinions being spouted out.

Amber said...

Thank You! I've been kind of feeling like an evil Mormon for supporting health care reform. I'm a little afraid the parents of my Young Women will find out that I support it (and voted for Obama!) and not trust me teaching their daughters anymore! But you're right, it's not a moral dilemma, and I shouldn't have to keep quiet at church because I'm afraid of criticism....but I still probably will just because I don't like controversy....oh well.

Wonder Woman said...


Can I copy and paste this as my FB status? 'Cuz I've wanted to say exactly this to everyone for the past 4 days.

Also.....why aren't we facebook friends?

Rocketgirl said...

AMEN. That's all :)

Also, My favorite quote was Jared's FB status: "Never send a Democrat to do a Socialist's job." Heehee. They should let a Brasilian in there to show them how it works!

Shantel said...

I get what you are saying, but I also see what the radicals are saying. I have no opinion on the issue itself. I have no time right now to research anything other than "how can I get my child to eat" and "potty-training for dummies".
To them, it is a moral issue. There is a huge fear of our country become socialist. It is not entirely unfounded. There is also a ton of false doctorine floating around - ie; the white-horse prophecy - that fuels all this. They feel like this law is a step towards our rights being taken away.
I do truly beleive that wether or not I personally agree with Obama - he is not Satan. He is our president and deserves the repect of that office - so I don't let my children bash him.
Its all craziness - but its about fear - and I have compassion on that. I know what it is like to be afraid.

rori said...

I definitely see the hate coming from both sides. I think we just need more respect, and to realize, all of us are never going to agree on everything. And people are allowed to think differently, it's beautiful, it's juicy, it gives us something to talk about. BUT, I think that sometimes (obviously there are lines) we just have to realize different is different. Different doesn't have to mean one is right and one is can just be, different.

Sara said...

I for one have a lot more respect for a person who DOES have an opinion one way or the other and CAN voice it.

There is one great thing about facebook, if you don't like what a person is saying, you can hide them.

I'll take that chap stick now thanks!

kristi said...

I'm sorry you feel this way. However, I can't say that I agree with you on this one.

Hopefully my last facebook status didn't drive you to go over the edge :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bonnie (previous commenter) on this one. We have been warned of these events happening in the last days and should research and be informed of what is really happening. It's our responsibility. Bonnie's video link is a great place to start.

DeNae said...

My husband and I spent today at a pre-retirement seminar. And I got a glimpse at what the government, over the years, has done to and for U.S. citizens. There is morality in taking the time to become informed, and while I understand the commenters who say all they have time for is diapers and potty training, you need to know that decisions being made right now will have a HUGE impact on you and your kids 20 years from now.

However, I agree with your assertion that not everyone who disagrees with our political position is somehow working for Satan. Sunday night, Harry Reid is speaking in our stake. He's sharing his conversion story and bearing his testimony. Period. But you would not believe the poisonous, judgmental GARBAGE being spewed by active Latter-day Saints over this fireside. One guy actually told our stake president that "if he ever sees Harry Reid in the temple, he's going to hit him."


Square Root of Family said...

Way to be brave and talk about a controversial topic in that way! Looks like it may have stuck a nerve or two...or three.

Interesting having Glenn Beck and Harry Reid part of the same religious denomination. I think it is great and an illustration of there not being a clear right or wrong when it comes to politics and religion. Our western world mentality sometimes gets in our way.

Molly Smith said...

To Bonnie and Anonymous, you DO realize that the video is from a 1965 conference speech, right?

In 1965, Mormons still believed and taught that blacks were unworthy to enter the temple or hold the preisthood. The mixing seed (aka interracial marriages) were worthy of DEATH. Yet the video talks about "taking away freedoms"?! Do you fail to see the hypocrisy of the speech in relation to NOW and how the blacks are NOW able to marry whites, in the TEMPLE of all places? That interracial couples can even marry in the temple too!!! ((gasp)) That blacks can now hold the preisthood too?

You do realize that he also warns of "socialism" in this speech, right?! The socialism that now gives us and THEM social security and medicare/medicaid, which many of our friends and granparents use now?

You do realize that the Mormon church is a HUGE socialistic community?! They take (okay you "give" it, but if you don't give it then you can't go to the temple and you are destined for hell) 10% of your money and they give it to the poor, and you have NO SAY or knowledge of which poor, or where that 10% always goes, right?!

Perhaps you should read your Ensign a little entitled "Our Brother's Keeper" By President Monson Nov 20, 1997

The LDS church has donated money to help with medical efforts all over the world. They've even donated medical supplies. Why not make sure all of your brothers and sisters in your own country have accessible and affordable healthcare?

As for the statement of //the constitution was inspired of God\\, please tell me where you got that one from?! Many of our founding fathers denounced God along with organized religion! There is not one mention of God in the constitution at all either! God wasn't even added to the Pledge of Allegiance until June 14, 1954!!!

Why would God only care about America? Are you saying that God let Canada, Cuba, all of Europe, and everywhere else "go to pot" because they have a universal/national healthcare systems? That He didn't care about those nations and He only cares about America? And if that was the case then why didn't God stop this healthcare reform from happening in the firt place?! It's so illogical to me.

As it is Limbaugh himself said he'd move to Cuba if the Health Care Reform passed. **scratches head** So he'd move to a country where there is SOCIALIZED MEDICINE, because America. . . what? Doesn't have socialized medicine, because he's against socialized medicine?! I'm confused by that one.

This is a good article to read about who actually "inspired" the constitution.

As for the HCR bill, I am glad it passed and it is the step in the right direction for this country. It is NOT socialized medicine or even universal health care, but it will be good for this country. IMHO

I am deeply saddened by 'friends' who have condoned the violence in opposition to the people who helped pass this HCR bill, too.

When GWB ignored all of the nay sayers on everything he did and did what he wanted, people praised him. Now that Obama is doing the same, bricks are being thrown and gas lines are being cut.

Obama is not a Muslim, he is not a communist, he is not a socialist, and he is not a Nazi. Even still he can't be all of these things, so maybe pick just one lie and go with it.

Lara said...

While I can see why it happens, it is upsetting to me that politics and religion are mixed so much.

That said, I do think there are many moral issues surrounding this healthcare bill. Some are included in the bill, and some are to do with the way it was brought about. It is necessary that we inform ourselves, and then do what we can to change the things we don't agree with morally (or politically, for that matter).

But pontificating on who is or is not going to hell because of it is just silly. And definitely annoying.

Bonnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MNM: Mangum Family said...

I personally am uniformed. Regrettably by my own doing, and I am trying to rectify that by learning what I can. But knowing what I do about the coming of Christ, I can't help but be a little scared about what lies ahead. This Health Care Reform may or may not be a part of what is to come, but I don't know enough to make that call right now.

It seems to me the biggest and scariest part of this whole thing right now is the judgements we pass on one another based on opinions. There have been some fairly strong and judgemental opinions shared here. I don't believe attacking other readers get's any ones point across. Personally, it just puts me off to what they have to say.

Bottom line, our church makes no political affiliation and STRONGLY ENCOURAGES its members to stay informed and make decisions that feel good to them. So who are we to judge if our neighbor, or friend, or even bishop chooses to vote or support something that we don't agree with! Shame on anyone who can't respect someone on the other side. Don't you want them to respect you and your choice? Having an opinion different than your own does not make someone evil, bad, or wrong. Let's make sure we are judging actions for the right reasons, not because we got our panties in a wad because they don't see things the same way we do!

America IS the chosen and blessed land, but that's not to say it's not under the leadership of man and won't endure it's own "up's and downs". That doesn't mean God has turned his back on America. It's all just part of the big picture. We should unite in the face of adversity, embrace our differences, not wage war against eachother. That is part of what makes America so great! We have freedom to choose how we want to think, and we shouldn't have to be afraid to share it.

THANK YOU for opening this can of worms. I personally needed to see someone speaking "other" than against this, regardless of what you actual opinion is.

Shellie said...

Oh amen! I am so sick sick sick of the assumptions on both sides that the other side is evil. When will they understand both sides for the most part want something better for our country, they just have different opinions on how to do it? And both parties have lots of cleaning up to do. Honestly in the LDS community too many people seem to believe the republican party is an extension of the gospel. I have it on good info it isn't, and neither is the democratic party (just ask God!) It's terrible but now when I read the Book of Mormon I find myself wondering how republicans reconcile what I am reading with their beliefs. I need to judge less. sigh. Also, when Republicans whine, I just say, why didn't you care enough to do the reform right while you were in the majority? If they're unhappy they can just go look in the mirror. (And I'm really not a democrat either, just a moderate) Personally, what also annoys me is that it is almost impossible to get any real, unbiased information on the bill itself to form a real opinion on how good or bad it's going to be. Being the mother of five hyperactive+ kids, a student two job husband, a part time interpreter and a relief society president with a home that's going to explode soon and whose taxes aren't filed yet, I just couldn't find the time to research it all out myself. Let's reform the news media and the political parties next!!! Amen.

Kazzy said...

Where I live there is always the assumption that everyone is anti-Obama. During the presidential elections I went to get a manicure and as soon as I sat down the nail lady started saying things like, "I don't even think Obama was born in the US. He has people that change his documents." I mean, really?

Amy said...

I agree that this isn’t a moral issue. My sister’s for HC and I’m against it. It doesn’t make either of us evil at all, we each have our reasoning behind it. We both respect each other’s opinions and although we don’t talk much about it to each other, we know how the other stands. If one choice was “wrong” in the eyes of God the Church would have taken a stance, like it did with Proposition 8 in CA.

And as for Obama, he’s a smart man. I’ve met him. I didn’t vote for him, but I respect him as a person. He’s doing what he thinks is best. Although I don’t agree with all of it the American people voted him into office. We have the opportunity to vote him out when this term is up if we’re not happy. We can write letters to politicians explaining what we want to happen in Washington. There is so much “We the People” can do to make sure our voice is heard. We really aren’t a Socialist nation, nor does this step make us one.

Thanks That Girl for bringing this up! I am glad I was out of internet or phone reception durring the culmination.

Caroline said...

I heart you, Missy. :) And of course, I completely agree. I find that the more adamant and "in your face" people are about this issue (either side) the less they have their facts straight. It's sad.

Becca said...

The righteous wrath will rain down from above if we give people medical care. It is true because my little sister said so. She knows because she (might have) had personal revelation saying that Democrats are evil.

I vote democrat sometimes just to spite her.

I honestly don't agree with everything going on in the bill, but I do think the leaders are trying to do what they think is best. Plus, if we don't have mass chaos and wars and rumors of wars we will never get the second coming. So start the riots people, I am ready to be twinkled.

Harmony said...

Pretty much all chapstick is of the Devil, 'cuz once you start putting it on, your lips get drier and drier and you have to keep using it. (hm, I'm pretty sure we've had that conversation before).

Don't you love how many of my comments have nothing to do with your actual posts? I love reading your thoughts, but sometimes I'm too lazy to think of something to say.

Love you. 2 peace-es.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for your thoughts. And after reading all the comments (especially the heated debate-style, angry ones) all I can say is, "C'mon guys, can't we all just be FRIENDS??" Any who. I sincerely appreciate your post. Thank You Thank You, Friend.

Anonymous said...

Public sentiment certainly varies by where you live. Around where I live most are in favor of this and many just as blindly as you're experiencing. Emotionalism, lacking facts, logic, reason and any sense of historical perspective dominates.


Cheeseboy said...

I really don't know if the whole health care thing is a good thing or not, and I don't pretend to be smart enough to know. But I am with you 100% - it is not a moral issue. If I am going to fast, it better darn be worth it. I get HUNGRY!