Monday, May 24, 2010

In which I once again don't follow the crowd

So triathlons seem to be the "in" thing lately. They're all the rage both in and out of the blogosphere. Even My Man is catching the Tri Bug. And I have three words for all of you.

Good for you.

Now five more.

I'm so not with you.

I don't razz or ridicule you - especially since you're all buffer than me. I respect you immensely. Just from a distance. A very far distance.

See, I have this problem with sweat-induced introvertedness. My body quite literally shuts down when asked to perform in front of others. And no, I've never been good at organized sports, why do you ask?

My Man is just the opposite. He is able to push himself more - farther, stronger, faster - when presented with an audience. It's motivating to him to work out in front of or alongside others. He does best when he's racing someone.

Me, not so much.

When I'm out running or biking and see someone heading my way, I cross the street rather than have to pass directly next to them. (Sometimes I criss-cross quite a bit.) When there are people on both sides of the street, I all but come to a complete stop. I can't tell you how far I've come just to be able to exercise outside instead of within the privacy of my own home. Hey. It's the little things.

***(I know, in a way, this is extremely self-centered of me. I freak out that people are staring at me, analyzing me, measuring exactly how much I'm panting - when I know deep down they probably don't even notice me. But hey. I never claimed I was rational.)

So yeah, the idea of a triathlon - swimming, biking, and running in front of not just one or two, but DOZENS, maybe HUNDREDS of people? Just thinking about it makes me clam up.

And I really think that's okay.

I'm totally at peace with my insecurities. It doesn't keep me from exercising. It doesn't harm me in any way. I'm a freak, and I'm okay with that.

A closet triathlon, now that I could do. Totally on my own. By myself. Just me and my thoughts and my iPod. Now that's motivational. Maybe in September?


Wonder Woman said...

I don't really understand what the craze is with triathlons. And with women doing them 6 hours after giving birth.

I mightcould do the swimming and biking, but the running? HECK NO. Not to mention the training and the WORK. ::plbbbth::

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I could maybe do a triathlon if it weren't for that swimsuit part. Oh, and the rigorous exercise for a long time without stopping. But other than that, I could totally do it.

heidizinha said...

Dudette, you don't know what you're missing. I just did my first on Saturday and it was one of my greatest personal accomplishments. It was amazing. So difficult, and so rewarding.

And I don't know ANY girl who is comfortable being watched while exercising. But honestly, no one is really watching.

Different strokes for different folks though.

Kimberly said...

I'm so much the same, except I haven't progressed as far as you. There's a reason I exercise in my basement. I won't even exercise in front of Neil - I stop the second he walks into the room.

Melanie J said...

I would pay money to your favorite charity to see how the swimming portion of your closet triathlon would work.

Sharon said...

I think we're twins. I love to run, but HATE seeing people, or really, people seeing me, when I'm out there. And I agree, who am I to think that they're looking at me, but eek, what if they ARE?

I could never do a triathlon. I'm the opposite of the earlier commenter: I could MAYBE do the running, but I'm no swimmer, and biking - that just hurts my tushie. So, no thanks. And I'm with you - I'm totally ok with that. It's a trendy thing, and as a rule I obstinately reject trends (kind of like your hair flower post - I felt the same way about them).

Kazzy said...

I would love to say I did a triathlon, I just don't want to actually do it. Man, I am lazy...

Boy Mom said...

You're adorable! I wave at people across the street when I'm out walking. When I'm running I'm to exhausted and focused on staying upright to acknowledge that other people exist.

Tobi said...

Don't go to Washington D.C. then. All I did was walk my tush off. I felt like a huge sweat ball by the end of the first hour of walking. My feet hurt so badly that I just stopped carrying how out of shape and gross I looked.

Or just go and walk really, really slowly....

Ashley Gaskell said...

hi there! i'm one of your blog stalkers.... and i've come out of hiding. you are hilarious and awesome and REAL! i totally agree about the whole triathalon thing. and half-marathons and marathons for that matter. but, can i say, what a great trend to be following?? not that i follow...
honestly, i would LOVE to do one of those thingys but just the thought of putting on workout clothes makes me sweat. i get pressure from my sisters to join in on the running, but, you know what? i would much rather be eating something really fattening... or not. i just like to eat.
anyways, love the blog!

Qait said...

Oh, I know what you mean! I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I'm not the type who can be tricked into the little mind games of "everyone's watching, so you'd better kick booty!" No thanks. Not till I want to, all in my own good time.
I also can't seem to trick myself into the little mind game of "it's just a race against yourself, you're your only enemy, bla bla bla, etc" because...well, I don't know, maybe I'm vain and need a little praise other than my own? :D

But once I realize I really want to do it all, who cares who's watching?
For me, it's all a discipline thing. The other people don't matter one way or the other, they don't really make it easier or harder.

And...I'd love to do a triathlon...but I haven't yet decided that I REALLY want to. ;)
I get this dorky adrenaline rush from seeing everyone else do it (like graduate from college, boy, I'd LOVE to, but...) So it's sketched into the plans of the future.
But, conveniently, "the future" is always tucked out of the way till I decide to yank it back here to Today.