Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cuz my mom told me to

This is what's been going on in That Girl-ville lately.

THING FIRST: We've been graduating.

From preschool:

And kindergarten:

I cried both times.

THING SECOND: We've been Newport Beach-ing.

I have a burn line around the book that I kept on my lap.

THING THIRD: We've been whale watching.

Although "dolphin watching" is the correct term, since the whales didn't want to play.

I was obviously a little geeked. I'm pretty sure dolphin watching was on my bucket list.

I can now die.

Everyone else had fun too. Giggling was a common theme of the morning. Also eating. Because boats make you hungry.

I learned that it was very hard to take a picture of a dolphin, even when they are jumping right next to the boat and there are hundreds of them. I am lame.

I think "photography class" is on my bucket list too. I guess I can't die yet.

I also learned that you can't take a good picture when the wind is blowing. That's probably part of that class.

THING FOURTH: We've been friend-visiting.

Which involved being stuck in LA Memorial Day traffic for hours, because some tanker had the gall to flip over and blow up the road. Seriously. The nerve.

(No one was hurt. Otherwise I wouldn't joke.)

(Okay, maybe I would.)

: We've been summer-ing. School's out already and it be time to


Which we've been doing. Lots.

Don't you?


Sweating in the endless heat said...

DITTO:-) Is that a peach tree in the background??

Lara said...

Oooooh! I wanna go dolphin watching! So cool!

And I cry at every graduation, performance, recital, whatever my children do. I am a baby.

gigi said...

Glad fun has bee your thing lately!

Just SO said...

sounds absolutely divine!

MommyJ said...

Those are some adorable boys!! Loved all the pictures, and so jealous that summer has already started for you. We've got one more week of school. I think we're totally gonna bail on the last week though.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Love summer, love you. :)

Happy Mom said...

Oh, yes!!! My kids have two more days and I CANNOT wait!!!

Love your blog, girl!

DeNae said...

Love every picture, especially the one of you and your husband. It is clear you two love being married. (Either that, or you're great actors!)

I've been dolphin watching, too, and it's so dang cool! Your kids are darling. And I love Newport Beach.

And yes, Columbus Day weekend!

Kimberly said...

You know, I'm wishing even more now that you lived next door to me...so I could marry our kids off to each other. Sniff. They are the cutest.

As are you. I'm happy to see you so happy!

Bridget said...

I'm in Southern California too. 10 whole days in my hometown (only 3 left). Not far from Newport. LOVING every second. And I probably wouldn't go home if I didn't have a husband waiting there for me :)

Melissa Bastow said...

My kids have school all next week. So it's not even summer yet. Plus it just keeps raining. So I'm going to come back and read this post later, ok?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You. Are. Gorgeous. And Happy.

I love it!

Kazzy said...

Thing 1: You are a cutie patootie

Thing 2: You have awesome-looking kids.

Tobi said...

This summer is going to rock! No summer school for my Dude. We are just going to play until we can't possibly play anymore!

Keep playing maestro! I'm with ya all the way!

Melanie J said...

Newport Beaching? You know you were like, fifteen minutes away from me? If that. Sorry you got stuck in that traffic jam. That was a bad one. And yes, we love summer!

Charlotte said...

You have me looking forward to summer break. I can't wait for some long term beach time.

Mommadj5 said...

I think I have looked at these pictures every day. It is so good for my soul to see those smiling faces. LOVE YOU GUYS! (and yeah - we couldn't catch the whales either when we went - they are dang fast and you never know WHERE to point the camera!!)

Sharon said...

That Little Prince's face in the kinder graduation picture is PRICELESS. I cried at my first's kindergarten graduation, too. They sang one of those tug-at-your-heartstrings "I'm growing up" kind of songs that caught me off guard. I didn't appreciate them toying with my emotions like that. ;)