Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I know you are but what am I?

I have a problem.
I have a problem.

My kids repeat every little thing.
My kids repeat every little thing.

Yours too?
Yours too?

What do you do about it?
What do you do about it?

No, what do YOU do about it?
No, what do YOU do about it?

Hey, I asked first!
Hey, I asked first!

No, I asked first!
No, I asked first!

Quit it.
Quit it.

No, YOU quit it!
No, YOU quit it!





Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Because I am SO mature, when they play this game, I say things they don't want to repeat. That usually solves it. For example:

Mom: Pass the milk, please.
Grant: Pass the milk, please.
Mom: Grant, cut it out.
Grant: Grant, cut it out.
Mom: Grant is a booger head that likes to kiss pink aliens on the lips.
Grant: (pause)
And then I move on with my life.

Oh, and sometimes I speak in a foreign language. They try to repeat a few times, but then they give up. I also teach these skills to my children so they can thwart the copycat in their own interactions. Because I'm such a good mom.

Kimberly said...

Neil taught our girls that game. It was on that day that I first learned how to shoot daggers with my eyes (cool trick, eh?). We have a rule in the house now that they may ONLY play this game with daddy. It has been dubbed "A Daddy Game." And so it will remain, no matter how many times they imply that Mommy is no fun.

Pam said...

So funny! Our girls go through phases. I like what the first lady said, I think I will try it the next time this may happen.

MommyJ said...

Stephanie is brilliant. I was just going to come and tell you that i have no earthly idea what you should do because my kids do it ALL the time and it makes me INSANE!

I think Steph's solution just might work!

Lara said...

Stephanie IS brilliant! I hate this phase.

Don't copy me! Don't copy me! Don't copy me! (Although, they usually do it to each other and not me...)

Still, I will teach them Steph's skill.

PS My wv is "grant" Weird.

Sharon said...

I take Steph's idea one step further and throw out phrases like, "I volunteer to do the dinner dishes this week!" or, "You're welcome to eat my dessert," etc. Hee hee. Stops them in their tracks.

Julie said...

Yeah, I take the mature route and make them say really stupid things about themselves. Shuts em up in a hurry.

Mommadj5 said...

Stop talking......although with you guys I kinda took Steph's idea (brillant) and went another way - "I'm gonna kiss you to death" and then do it! Pretty soon you are all kissing and giggling but when they get older this stops 'em in their tracks! Kissing...yuck...

Kazzy said...

I remember those days. Why do kids think that is so hilarious???

rad6 said...

oh the little unnoticed joys of motherhood... do I miss that one? No, guess not!
i dont get on a read blogs very often, but when i do yours is a favorite and it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face, a thought in my brain and/or and feeling in my heart. Thanks

Tobi said...

Start talking about extra chores and going to bed early. They won't repeat that!

Elizabeth said...

If they do it to each other, ignore it, and when one complains teach them how you deal with people who do things that irritate you and won't stop. You either leave the situation, or you stop complaining about it because it's not going to help. Everyone has a right to be irritating if they really want to and it's important for everyone to know how to deal with that situation.

Recently Blue Eyes was humming the same two notes over and over and OVER AND OVER, and Poppet came to me in TEARS because she had asked and pled and DEMANDED he stop and nothing worked. I told her to stay upstairs with me if it irritated her too much (and told her I thought it was really annoying, too) and that Blue Eyes had a right to be irritating if he felt like it.

If they're copying YOU... try sign language. :P Make that the new game and you're set. Copying your gestures would be a lot funnier than repeating everything you say.

There's my two cents. I didn't read anyone else's since I'm short on time.

Marcia said...

My kids came home with an annoying version of this game...

Kid: "Mom?'

Mom: "What?"

Kid: "You have the word!" (apparently the "word" is "what")

THen I have to say, "Kid?"

Kid: "What?"

Mom: "YOU have the word!"

If this is between 2 kids, it goes on for eternity. My little 3 yr old loved it so much he did it all the time ... and he hardly talks! He busted out with it at his speech therapy class and his teacher asked me which therapist taught him that exercise, or did I create it myself?

Ummmm... it wasn't created by a genius speech and language pathologist... it's a 3rd grade playground game aimed at destroying parental sanity.

And apparently teaches language interaction at the same time... maybe those kids are on to something!