Monday, July 19, 2010

Memory Lane - the bathroom


is the kids' bathroom.

It's seen me through puberty.

It's where I ran to after cheerleading practice - the one where I got my period. I probably stayed in there a good hour. Freaking out.

It's where I learned how to put on mascara.

It's where I popped my zits.

It's where my cousin and I got into our famous laughing fits, often peeing our pants in the process. (Good thing it was tile.)

It's where my mom and I would have serious talks at the end of the day.

It's where my brothers and I would make stupid faces in the mirror when we brushed our teeth.

It's where My Man totally won over said brothers. He was visiting my family for the first time. They locked the door by accident. He helped them bust the door open at about 2 AM, and never breathed a word to my parents. (Cat's out of the bag now ....)

It's where I got ready for my wedding day. I shaved my legs three times. I put on approximately forty-five layers of mascara. I didn't need blush - I was already pink. And I fixed the do the hairdressers gave me. (Sidenote: They thought I was going to the prom. THE PROM.)

And now my mom has it set up as a changing table for my sweet baby boys.

Goodbye, bathroom.


Dorothy said...

Bahaha, the prom. Thanks for sharing your memories. It makes me want to have a home my children can reminisce in when they grow up.

DeNae said...

Hey, Miss Beckster, you're lookin' SKINNY!

Are you having a hard time saying goodbye to your childhood home? (Is your dad staying there?)

My parents moved from my childhood home when I was in my late 30s; my inlaws did the same, right around the same time. Because my husband and I grew up together, it was doubly hard to drive past that neighborhood and know that we had no connections left.

Hope you're holding up all right. Let me know if I can send you some good karma! (Heaven knows it doesn't do ME any good.)

kristi said...

I'm sorry, "we" peed our pants, I don't think there was any "we" about it. Hahaha just kidding, good times where definitely had in that bathroom. Remember when we were going to a pool party and we were both on our periods and your mom said you had to wear a tampon and we never had before. Sorry, that was probably TMI :)