Monday, July 5, 2010

Surviving Summer - What week is it now?

This week was


This may have been the favorite so far.

We measured out various dinosaurs in the back yard, marking them with little flags. Find different lengths (along with a whole bunch of different dinosaur activities) here. We were very glad to find out that a brachiosaurus would fit. THANK GOODNESS.

We tried to do a wooden dinosaur puzzle, but it was too dang hard. Oh well.


Awesome book. Awesome. We read it approximately 19731984147 times this week.

Can you tell by my face?

(Love that I'm wearing an apron in this picture.)

We also cut out dinosaur footprints and put them all over the house. Then we had a Dinosaur Parade, acting out different kinds of dinosaurs. (Like a COMPSOGNATHUS or a PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS. My kids can totally pronounce their names.)

We made dinosaur eggs. They were pretty tasty. Suspiciously like shortbread cookies. Who knew. (We acted like OVIRAPTORS the whole time. They eat eggs, you know.)

We also made fossils. Quite easy. Just make an impression in damp sand and fill with plaster of paris. (2 cups of plaster to 1 cup of water.) Dig them out once they're dry and dust them off with a paintbrush like real archeologists!

And, um, we also made a fossil of a bus-drivin' alligator.

And of course Dinosaur Week wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Dinosaur Museum!

This summer ROCKS.


Megan said...

I thought your apron was a nursing cover/hooter hider. No one would have known...

Looks like fun! Glad y'all are enjoying summer together!

Kimberly said...

The summer only rocks because YOU are rockin' it!

And I've been totally inspired and we're having a learn about animals week this week. Not terribly organized, and so far consisting of surfing the web at national geographic kids and watching YouTube videos of random animals (the chameleon one we watched? too cool). But still, miles better than watching TV, yes?

Mommadj5 said...

Very Cool. Some things look suspicously familiar! Bring the puzzle with you when you come - your soon to be leaving on his mission brother can totally put it together! Love to see those smiles!

Harmony said...

you are SO AMAZING!!!! I think if I were trying to do these things (ahem... WHEN I try to do these things) I will fail miserably after 2 weeks. You are incredible! And I love that I'll get to use all YOUR ideas! Way to rock it, sister! You kids will remember this forever.

Kazzy said...

Looks very fun and creative! Those wooden puzzles kill me.

Melanie J said...

Rocks! Ha, ha, ha!

MommyJ said...

Measuring dinosaurs out in your back yard is an awesome idea. And I really, really, LOVE shortbread. And I couldn't pronounce those dinosaur names if I had to. Okay, maybe if I HAD to, but it wouldn't be easy!

Way to make summer fun, Mamma. I'm realizing with my kids how little it takes to keep them happy and entertained. Your ideas are definitely inspired.

annie valentine said...

I am disgustingly impressed. I might try to be a better mother today because of you.

Marcia said...

Your children sound very smart. They seem to really pick up on your activities. Maybe that's my problem... not-so-smart kids :) (Ah, it's them -- not me!) I sat down to be a good mom and read a book to them about snakes and ended up with my firmest MOMMY voice: "I said SIT! Right here... don't move! LOOK at this book! The pictures! No, I said SIT!"

My darlings, you WILL listen to me read to you and be a good Mommy and you WILL LIKE IT! They weren't interested. Constant interruptions from the other kids, "Mom, how do I sent this email?" "Mom, he's eating on the couch!" "Mom! He pooped all over the basement!" (Day 2 of potty training not going that well...) Left me thinking, why do I bother??? Now I know... I need smarter kids ..................