Monday, August 9, 2010

Surviving Summer - Week 7

This week was


At least, in theory.

We did make play dough, which of course was way fun.

And we did learn about some famous painters, and imitated them.

Monet: Create a picture using only dots.

Picaso: Draw pictures of each other without looking at the paper. (Although I think Little Prince cheated.)

Van Gogh: Paint using long strokes and/or do a self-portrait.

And we were going to paint toast and make mashed potato sculptures.

And we were going to go the Art Museum.

And we were going to make masterpieces to send to my brother on his mission.

But we didn't.

We were busy.

Oh well.


Kimberly said...

I had a dream about Van Gogh last was beauteous and creepy at the same time.

Kid's paintings make me grin. Our girls have been doing watercolours this week, though they're temporarily banned because of what they did to the floor...

HeatherKitts said...

Genius genius genius!!!!! LOVE these! You should take one from each kid and one from each category (so 3 in total) and send THOSE to your bro!