Monday, August 9, 2010

Looka here

I got BANGS.

It's not national news. It really will not affect your life at all. But it is solely responsible for my not paying attention to the lesson at church today.

How come everybody else's bangs fall casually and elegantly to the side, while mine fork all over the place? I counted thirteen people with bangs in Relief Society. No forks.

This may have something to do with my answer of "Does my husband's gel count?" to the hairdresser's question of "What kind of hair products to you have in your bathroom at home?"

She told me I will

A) have to train my bangs
B) love my bangs if trained correctly
C) have to mess with them constantly til we find out what works for us
D) have to go to marital counseling with my bangs


"I hereby promise to attend Bang Obedience School."

Is that a zit?
I can't decide if it's Sixth Grade Sweetie (when I curl it) or Rocker Chick (when it's air dried).

But hey. I'm both, right?


The Jensen Family said...

They are cute! I always want bangs, then I get them and am quickly reminded of the calick on the front of my head. aaargh!

Kristina P. said...

I have bangs, but they are always stuck to my forehead. My hair is very fine. Boo.

Yours are cute.

Kimberly said...

You so are.

I have bangs, and a nasty cowlick that I've had to train them around. I once had my hair cut by this adorable old asian man who refused to give me bangs because of said cowlick. He seemed to think the very idea was morally reprehensible. Years later I'm still laughing over that.

You look fabulous, dahling! FAB!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

My bangs do the exact same thing! Drives me crazy. I have yet to be able to train them. If you figure it out, let me know how. I have a giant forehead. Good luck!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

YOU are looking great, Sister! :)

DeNae said...

I have more cowlicks than a dairy farm, and two or them are (in)conveniently located on either side of my forehead. A third is sort of the Brigadoon of cowlicks; only shows up occasionally and long enough to mess everything up. So yes, you'll have to train your bangs. And they'll still probably misbehave. (Next time, I bet you go shorter, too. That's a cute look for pictures, and a difficult look for, well, looking!)

Harmony said...

I love posts that are completey, entirely: YOU. Like this one. And as usual, I love you!!!

Wonder Woman said...

Yay for bangs! Boo for crazy bangs. I just styled my bangs about 15 minutes ago. Blow-dryer and fine-toothed comb, my friend. When the bangs are still wet (or you have re-wet them), use the comb to flatten the bangs -- particularly at the forehead. Use high heat on either a low- or high-powered setting. Blow them until they're, uh, dry.

My stylist suggested pinning with a bobby pin, but I never did. Occasionally I'll put some hairspray on my fingers and apply to the bangs, but that's really only when they're especially ruly.

It's not hard. YOU can DO eeet!!!

HeatherKitts said...

Hahahahahaha! This cracks me up! This is the precise reason I FINALLY got rid of my bangs in will take some hard core convincing to get me to go back. Not because of cowlicks, like these other gorgeous gals, but the dreaded (drum roll pleaseeeee...) widows peak! Dum dum dum.

MayerFamily said...

I once upon a time had bangs- after Ethan was born. They never got trained, and mostly drove me crazy, but dang they looked nice! Well, only for church, because that was the only time the rest of my hair was done! Way to be brave!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I always want bangs...then I get them and I don't want them so much anymore! I go thru this at least once a year...then they grow out and it starts all over again :/. You'd think I'd learn!

Your's are mucho cute, tho. Good luck at training camp ;).

Melissa Bastow said...

I vote rocker chick. And I will see you in bang obedience school, 'cause mine really need a lecture.

Lisa Fox said...

just so you know..rocker chick is way more cool now..:)
I too had to train my bangs..the best trick I was taught-by my sil who is a hairdresser- is to blow dry the bangs pointing the dryer down on your bangs from the top of your head..otherwise they dry all over the place and it's just impossible to fix after that. I too am a no hair product girl. I ONLY use hairspray when i curl my hair and I only curl my hair on sunday and I only do that for church maybe once a month...needless to say all the hairdressers tell me I have great hair..and I truly think it's because I don't put that much junk in it...BUT i do color my hair...hahaha! SO who knows!
Good Luck and love your new look!!

Kazzy said...

They look great! Here is a tip, because I have had the same issues... Use a round brush to roll them up, not under. Then go under, then up. Back and forth. Soon they will lay nicely on your forehead.

Tobi said...

I put a little mousse in my hair before I blow dry it. Then I use friz-eaze to get my hair to lay flat. My hair is actually very curly so it's hard to get it to behave. I think I need hair obedience school too.

Elizabeth said...

I recommend drying them on one of those big velcro curlers you find at the grocery store. The 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch variety. That helped me train mine. You can angle them off to the side with one of those, or you can try drying them straight forward (which is what I did -- they always fell to the side about 15-30 minutes after I took the curler out and looked just about right.) Good luck! They're cute!

Melanie J said...

I'm too commitment phobic for bangs. And too hairstyling-challenged. I can't do it. Love the way it looks, but can't do it.

janel said...

I failed Bangs Obedience School this last month. And opted for OCD About Bobby Pins School. Better luck to you.