Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In which I feel good about myself for at least five minutes.

So I've always been envious of Those Moms. You know. The ones with cute decorations to match every holiday. Coordinated sugar cookies. Service projects and Christ-centered themes on everything from Columbus Day to National Seafood Month. (No really. It's October. Did you not know? Go to the grocery store and hug a lobster!)

I was lamenting to My Man how I want to be like Those Moms, and with his infuriatingly simple logic asked, "Well, why can't you be?"


So it's been Halloween Central around here. I'm an actual Those Mom! I want a badge.

 We have paper plate/plastic bag ghosts (also hanging in the windows) and styrofoam ball/pipe cleaner spiders (which are on every stationary surface.)

We have bats on every wall.

We got a li'l devilish with a dry erase marker.

 And of course dressed our Sheepie up for October.

And when we were all done decorating, we had a water balloon fight. Don't you do that in October?


Wonder Woman said...

LOVE the family pictures!!!! I'm off to find a dry erase marker right now...

Yay for being one of "those" moms! (I thought you already were, Ms. Surviving Summer, raising a scientist yada yada.) =D

Hel said...

Hey "Those Mom" when are we going to hang out? I was just thinking the other day that I needed some other mom to make me feel inadequate. :D Or maybe we could just go to the park together.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Interesting...well, would it help if I told you that I took down all of my Halloween decorations today?????? I couldn't handle it anymore. My son has been hanging up ghost and pumpkin pictures GALORE since...oh, I'd say, since the 4th of July. We have been on THREE hayrides, to two barn parties, two pumpkin patches, one Primary Halloween activity, and we have 5 more ahead of us...two of which are church parties...I'm burnt out...but you GO GIRL! I'm happy for you. Have fun!

InkMom said...

My only concession to Halloween decorating is that I have not yet cleared the dead plants from my front porch. Nothing says scary like desiccated brown petunias and spider webs, au naturale.

(And consider yourself lucky -- this is the only blog I've commented on in ages. You, and my anti-decoration spirit of the season, are THAT IMPORTANT.)

Stepper the Mighty said...


Also: you should feel extra good about yourself, 'cause some moms (who also aspire to be Those Moms) don't even HAVE a family picture to dry-erase on!

Poor, poor posterity!

DeNae said...

Hey, Helen and "TM" - I hope your hanging out plans include the SITS conference in St George in November. There are several of us *ahem* who are sorta banking on feeling inadequate in your presence.

(And you should see my neighborhood: Cute house, cute house, vomitous house, cute house, cute house. Guess which one belongs to yours truly? Yeah. Blast that diversity of gifts business; it has me looking bad every time someone says "DECORATE!")

Kazzy said...

My horrible flower beds are all of the Halloween decorating I will be doing this year. OOOoooooooo

Kimberly said...

Awesome! I think all we've done is pull out the orange candles. VERY lacking in Halloween-ness around here. You rock!