Monday, October 11, 2010

Letters to My Man

Dear Hun,

My eyeballs feel like they have cotton in them, and I've erased and re-written this sentence way too many times cuz I keep misspelling the words. (Why does misspelling have so many letters? Thoroughly unfair. English is rigged.)

My head feels fuzzy.

My leg hurts.

My neck doesn't seem to be able to hold up my head.

I could cuddle down in this couch and not move til tomorrow.

Basically, I'm about ten degrees past exhausted.

But I somehow lose all sense of rationality and reason when I'm not with you, so I think I'll go eat some marshmallows and cruise yahoo news for a while before I go to bed. Once I get there, I'll read until the drool makes it too hard to turn the pages.

Also, you're right. Personal emails are way better than public ones. Go check your inbox. You're welcome.

I love you.



Just SO said...

English is rigged. Big time.

Kimberly said...

Neil's going away tomorrow, just for a couple days, but even contemplating that makes me get these two letter posts. Deep.