Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I never cry over spilled milk

Oh, no.

i roar. 

Children scatter as milk rivulets leap joyfully about my clean tile, the Big Bad Milk Monster rearing inside of me.

(She's quite fearsome.)

How is it that a cup of spilled milk produces a gallon's worth of splatters all over my kitchen?

And walls?
And chairs?
And underside of my table?

I sop up. Then mop. Then mop again. And yet -

little, sticky, glistening dried ovals all over my floor. They laugh at me every time I walk in my kitchen.

I'm thinking that we're going to turn into a water-only family. I will pay their osteoporosis bills gladly.

Just don't make me clean up a n o t h e r spill.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

My floors are perpetually dirty. In fact I am having my kids "play with water" in the kitchen as I type this just so that my floor will get "clean"!

LisAway said...

I did that today but with sweet water. I don't love wiping down four legs of each chair, plus the cross bars, plus four legs of the table and it's crossbars and lifting each chair to wipe under each leg (foot) so no liquid that might have pooled there will get squeeged around the floor in a sticky mess.

I know what you mean.

Mrs. M said...

We only drink milk on our cereal anymore. If your kids eat cheese and yogurt like mine do, there is no need to worry about osteoporosis:)

annie valentine said...

You make blogging such an art form. I don't know anyone who makes spilled milk sound more poetic.

MommyJ said...

Do you know why spilled milk makes me roar? Cause milk that doesn't get totally cleaned up stinks. Really, spilled anything in my kitchen makes me nutty.

Elizabeth said...

Except for your youngest, they're old enough to clean it up themselves (with your supervision.) Might help them learn to be more careful, and although it takes longer, it is technically less work. Just an idea.

Kimberly said...

Claira dumped a bowl of half eaten shredded wheat and milk on the table, chairs, and floor yesterday. Ooey-gooey soggy wheat bits and milk. Luverly.

I should probably finish cleaning that up...hmm...

Qait said...

:) This makes me wonder if I should rethink my current drinks rule with Ender: he gets only water in his sippy, and all other drinks go in little cups (in little amounts) and only at the table during mealtimes. If he plays with his cup at all, we take it and give him water.
He GUZZLES water all day long, which I think is great, but it makes a sippy really handy since he's drinking water wherever he is. Otherwise he'd live at the table.
Anyway, that's probably more blabla than you wanted! :D
A more focused comment would have been for me to say "I can relate." :)

Harmony said...

When we were living in Grand Rapid, someone spilled a gallon of milk in our garage. It was impossible to clean up and stank FOREVER. I hate milk messes! But I love me some milk. Does a body gooooooood. Moo!

raprettyman said...

Sweety go milk free. You know (I think?) that Ivy is allergic to milk, we don't drink it. The doctor says her bones are great!
We eat lots of broccoli, kale and other veggies that have calcium.
Milk is for baby cows. Grandpa Day used to say that and he was a dairy farmer!