Sunday, April 24, 2011

In which I should totally get some free ties

So Easter is a total GIRL thing, you know? Frilly, pink dresses everywhere I see. Lace. Hats. Flowers. It gets annoying.

There ain't much frilly stuff at our house. Or pink, for that matter.

But then I discovered the Matching Tie Guy. And I now know that boys CAN be fun to shop for.

Oh yeah. Ohhhhhhh yeah.

Matching Tie Guy, how I love thee.

My sweet sister took pictures of our matching-ness after church today. The NBC was quite upset that we were delaying his lunch for such a paltry reason as recording something like Easter.

The only time he halfway smiled toward the camera was the only time no one else was.Of course.

And then we started making bunny ears.

And it was all good fun from there.

Three cheers for my sister! She's the best.


Danielle said...


Aww, you and your family are so beautiful, so perfectly perfect. And the baby is growing so fast!

Happy Easter!

Boy Mom said...

I agree, all the pink and frilly and cellophane and hats make me jealous and annoyed.

The pictures are darling!

InkMom said...

You're cute. I like the bangs. And that green you're wearing is one of my magic colors -- makes me look good, makes me feel good.

I am morally opposed to some things when it comes to dressing a baby girl: lacy ruffles; ruffly lace; ridiculous hats; anything on the baby's head that is actually larger than said head; shoes that are not flat; any article of clothing that looks like it would be more at home on either a Victorian grandmother, a go-go dancer, a prostitute, or a rock star.

So Laney wore a cute little dress with flowers on it. She had a (small) bow in her hair for about 45 seconds. And little white sandals. But I totally understand about the ties.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love the ties! I had Guy in two different bow ties from Modish Podish this season and he was so adorable!

Jenny P. said...

You make all boys look really, really good. :)

gina said...

Your ties are great! I have 4 girls so I totally love all the frilly dresses everywhere. We usually try to match my husbands tie to our girls dresses. He would love it if we had a boy to match ties with!

Rachel Sue said...

Cutest boys ever! 'Cept for mine, of course. :) But thanks for the tip about the ties. I will be using that one!

Motherboard said...

I nominate you for a years worth of free ties. Anyone second me?

(adorable photos btw!)

Marcia said...

I have a bunch of girls around here, and sadly, no pink or frills for them either. Every year I think, maybe this year I should do matching dresses or just get them a new dress or SOMETHING! But once again... nothing. Matching the boys... eeks, that's really not going to happen!

That's why I'm so IMPRESSED with the matching ties! AMAZING :)

HeatherKitts said...

Hello, cutest family pics ever!

Michelle said...

Totally just ordered matching ties for my 2 guys (Nathan always wants to look like daddy so he picked out the blue flower tie, DH was THRILLED, lol). On the order form it asked how I heard about the company and I said other and linked your blog. Hoping you see free ties in your future :)

Ashley said...

Ashley From The Matching Tie Guy here! Just got Michelle's order where she linked your blog! Of course I hopped over here to see what the buzz was! And of course this blog post deserves a free tie! Email me (Ashley) at our customer service email with your choice, email address, and mailing address, and I will ship it right out!
PS- You Rock, and your boys are ADORABLE!!!
PSS- Keep spreading the word!