Friday, April 1, 2011

In which I want to know what you think

Essential oils?

Do you think they're a crock? Are you a convert? Do you even know what I'm talking about?

I'm wondering.


LisAway said...

I have no opinion, as I have not used them. A close friend of mine (father in a family I nannied for for 2 1/2 years) is the graphic designer for Young Living Essential Oils (in Payson, I think) and yesterday he posted photos he had taken for an image assignment. They are of a boy kneeling in prayer and it says: "The association between the material world and the spiritual world being strengthened by the use of essential oils."

I'm not really into that kind of thing.

Kristina P. said...

I am super skeptical. Also, I think many of those companies are MLM companies, which make me even more skeptical.

Hel said...

I've never used them. So no opinion. I'm sure they work to some extent when being used as something to relieve stress, etc.

I was always told to be careful when buying essential oils because most times companies will claim they are pure, but they aren't.

MommyJ said...

Sigh. Just lost my entire comment. I like tea tree oil and use it for all kinds of things. To treat cuts and scrapes, to put on canker sores and fever blisters, to deodorize (diluted and spritzed on a barfed on couch... it works wonders on the smell). Is orange oil an essential oil? There's orange oil in my counter top cleaner and I LOVE it. But that's it. I'm generally annoyed when any "product movement" claims to makeover your life. Cause stuff can't do that. Only people and choices. So, I'm absolutely sure that there are essential oils out there that are beneficial, but am weary of the marketing that often surrounds them. Make sense?

Erin said...

As a substitute for actual medical care? Utter and complete nonsense. In that light, essential oils are the medieval "humors" and Victorian "vapors" of the 21st century.
As nice smelling stuff that can contribute to feeling relaxed? More power to you...of course, a scented candle can accomplish the same purpose for a lot less money and without all the nasty side effects, but to each their own...

The Prices said...

I agree with MommyJ. I have had a good experience with a few oils to take care of topical medical things,but nothing is a cure-all.

DeNae said...

All I know is I'd look like an apple core doll if it weren't for Oil of Olay. So that's one oil that is totally essential for me.

I have a student whose mother swears by peppermint oil. But she also got arrested by the FBI and then held a prayer circle in the jail so god would free all of them. So there's your source.

Wonder Woman said...

I have never used them myself, but do you know Sherrie? ("Sher the Love" blog, pianist, close friend of Motherboard) I know that Sherrie uses them and swears by them. And she is someone I trust.

Jocelyn said...

I think they're a crock. Placebo effect. But I've never tried them so who knows.

Boy Mom said...

There is a reason we use olive oil to administer blessings of healing. As with all things if we take truth, mingle it with our personal philosophy and then attempt to make money for it???

But, hello, that's the world we live in.

It's like the Word of Wisdom, it's not a list of eat and eat not's it is the primer for receiving and living by personal revelation. My Mom-in-law, for example, gets deathly ill from eating wheat and other grains. She has to listen to her body, seek for personal inspiration then make choices and decisions that keep her body in optimal health to do Gods will for her.

Essential oils can, if studied and used by the individual in the way that is best for them, be an effective means of healing and prevention of many illnesses.

They are no more 'hokey, pokey' then vitamins were 15- 20 years ago before they gained endorsement by the Medical field. Think about it. If our Moms had given us fish oils or omega oils they would have been mocked and ridiculed by Dr's who now routinely suggest them.

Always bear in mind that Doctors are practicing and "trying out" new methods and medications all the time.

A doctor, a homeopath or a voodoo witch doctor are only able to help you listen to what your symptoms are teaching you about the needs of your body and then offer alternatives to help your body heal its self.

If you feel prompted to check out, study and use essential oils then do so with joy, inspiration and confidence.

I use a few, Lavender oil rocks for massages and burns and bruises. Peppermint oil smells heavenly, citrus oils clean and refresh. Coconut oil tastes divine and has many uses.

As with all things trust the Lord to direct you and consider with intelligence and light all things.

"All things denote, there is a God"

Wow! My fingers hurt.

Kimberly said...

There are some oils like teatree oil that are really amazing for their antibacterial properties (I use it on zits - FABulous). But I haven't experimented much with smelling and whatnot. Some oil in a nice hot bath can be quite luverly though.

Anonymous said...

I know that lavender and chamomile scented anything relaxes me.. but it doesn't have to be essential oils. I just associate that smell with calm and pampering.
I do use a couple of drops of essential oil in my homemade laundry detergent just to give it some smell.. Other than that, I'm confused. I thought they just smelled pretty..

Susie J. said...

I believe that there are some oils which really can heal/help if used correctly. Peppermint helps nausea. Lavender helps soothe skin, and heal burns faster, not to mention relaxing tension. Tea Tree scares away lice. There are some that help aching muscles, and some that clear up rashes, and some that are antibacterial.
HOWEVER... I believe that they're currently an over-used, over-hyped, misunderstood gimmick. I believe that about the time you start telling people "it didn't work for you because you used the wrong brand, the brand I use is the only one that works" you need to take a step back and get a reality check. (and, yes, I've had someone tell me that) I think that slathering handfuls of oil mixtures (some of which you don't even know the ingredients to) is dangerous and naive. And I think that people are under the impression that these are miracle cures, when in fact there are plenty of health problems out there that will not be cured with oil. One of my loved ones recently tried to convince me that I didn't need to have surgery, if I would just use the right combination of essential oils on a regular basis. I'm sorry, but sometimes medical intervention IS necessary and when you're "converted" so much that you can't see that, there's a problem.

Sarah said...

I think - if it works for you, kudos! My mom is a huge essential oil user (along with other herbal remedy type things). It makes her happy, makes her feel better, and she thinks that it works.
That is not to say I don't think any work. I do think that there is some basis for using natural remedies - after all, where does most medicine come from. Old wives tales are rarely completely false, and we should listen with a skeptical, but open, mind.

Jill said...

Young Living- a crock. But just because weirdos use them doesn't mean we should throw the baby out with the bathwater. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, and Teatree are four I don't like to be without. I use them all the time: as a vapor rub, in baths, on zits, on burns, to scent a room, for baking, massage, etc. Aura Cacia is a nice brand, but there are lots.

Christa Jeanne said...

My stepmom SWEARS by them, and I've seen good results. However, agreed with Kristina - avoid the MLM route and look for them at a health food store. The brand my stepmom always gets is Young Living: I know, it's so contrary to the Western medicine route, but like I said, we've seen great results in our family with these. If you want more details, I can put you in touch with my stepmom.

Riddlez said...


I had a great comment and google ate it.

Cliff notes: Tea tree and peppermint = awesome.

Replacement for regular medical care = no way jose.

Keep us posted.

Rachel Sue said...

Ditto most of that. And yes. look for a health food store. You will save at least half.

Oh, and coconut oil is an absolute must. I'm serious about that one.

Jamie said...

I swear by them...but ONLY THE THERAPEUTIC oils. So many out there have alcohol in them which dilutes the oils. I use Young Living. They are more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Also, you can buy them on Ebay and they are cheaper than buying from the site, however, pay attention to the mL size. My favorites are tea tree oil, peppermint and a blend called pan away. The pay away is a natural pain reliever. It is so nice and it tingles on the skin. I used it last October when I was training for my half marathon and it totally helped the pain. No placebo!
Anyway, every medicine we have originally came from a plant source before it was chemically created. Why not go back to the source?

Morgan -Ing said...

I 100% agree with Boy Mom. I think Heavenly Father put certain things on the earth for our good. So of course there are ones that can help! Now, swearing off medical care entirely? Probably not the best idea in the world. I absolutely saved my second kid from ear tubes with Lavender and Purification oils. So, I'm in the middle.

Fannie said...

There have been some scientific/medical/valid research studies on essential oils.
I know some people who say their kids sleep better with putting essential oils like lavender in their kids' humidifiers.
And peppermint is a confirmed help for nausea.
Some people I know swear by their headache relieving properties.
Bottom line: it's not going to hurt you to try it if you want to.
Here's a website from the National Institute of Health (NIH) on Essential oils:
Here is the NIH webpage by topic on 'complentary and alternative' medicine (I've found it very helpful):

Elizabeth said...

Ate my comment. *kills blogspot*

Short version: I'm a convert (but not a sucker.) If you want to talk to an expert I can get you back in touch with the Braunbergers. They know a ton. My doctor also uses essential oils (I do alternative medicine because I have a long history of finding MDs nearly entirely useless to actually improve my health in any way unless it involves bacterial infections and/or lacerations requiring stitches.) Essential oils can be used for medical purposes and also for emotional ones, but if you ask me, those are both part of your health -- they're inter-connected.

So if you want Lorleen's number let me know. She'll be able to answer almost any question you might have. (And I love essential oils and use them every day.)

Nikki said...

I like tea tree oil to use in homemade baby wipes because it truly keeps mold from growing. I know from when I make wipes without it.

Ditto what Fannie said about peppermint oil.

My infants and toddlers always go to sleep better after a chamomile and lavendar scented lotion or bath wash verses regular baby lotion or baby wash.

So I think there are some beneficial properties to several oils. But I don't buy into that "You should really be using this for the sake of your [or your children's] health."

I had a trusted doctor try to send his vitamin-toting buddy to my house to sell me special vitamins that I would be completely foolish and irresponsible not to invest in. When it came down to it (and because I was only 22) I felt guilty and also mad that I couldn't afford $100+ a month just for vitamins.

So anyway, I also hate the whole MLM crud that generally goes with essential oils-- but I'm guessing there are several that are quite beneficial.

Ashley Gaskell said...

i definitely use them but at the same time,i take myself and my kids to the dr. when needed. i figure if they can help with some sicknesses and save us a dr.'s visit, then i'm all for it. i use Melaleuca oil (aka tea tree oil) all the time. it got rid of my 5yr old daughters warts. on both hands. and they were ginormous. and we had already tried freezing them with the store bought stuff, and twice at the dr.'s AND started getting the shots to get rid of them. after 2 weeks of using it once a day... GONE!!!! i was kinda sold after that.
and when my kids are having a hard time settling down at night, i rub lavender oil on their feet and it helps a ton. we love them!