Monday, April 4, 2011

In which memories were relived

Date night last week was a home movie night.

(And dude. I know our dates lately haven't been very creative. It's the jar's fault, man. I'm sure we have a buncha funky ones coming up all in a row.)

Anyway. So I was in charge, and wanted to either buy or rent a new movie, because I'm tired of watching Ocean's Eleven. Wal-mart's five dollar bin was not inspiring me, Redbox is somewhat of an enigma, and I had pretty much resigned myself to a night of watching Brad Pitt eat nachos in shiny suits when I saw it.


And I remembered.

I remembered that My Man and I had been officially dating for two weeks - one week of which I spent in Idaho for Thanksgiving. We missed each other terribly. One week was a very long time to be apart. We burned. 

The night of our reunion, my apartment was packed. We settled in on the couch in his apartment instead, when ... Jeff came in and started a Star Wars marathon.

(Do you read this blog Jeff? Jeff? Are you there?)

We were thoroughly annoyed. I mean, really, Jeff. It had been a WEEK.

So we promptly made out during the whole movie. Maybe all three. I can't remember.

No worries, Jeff. Your back was turned.

(Bytheway. Watching Star Wars after a ten year lapse? Brilliant. Leia is watching her planet get blown up, and barely manages to look perturbed. Still. I LOVE IT.)


music notes said...

LOL big time. You are awesome!

And I have to tell you when my husband and I go on our dates to chips and salsa (which I LOVE) I can't help wondering what you and your hubby are doing for your date. Mr. and Mrs. daters!

Boy Mom said...

So cute you are, Young Jedi.

Jocelyn Christensen said...


Melanie Jacobson said...

I think that sounds like a great date. As long as you throw in some take out.

Rachel Sue said...

Makes me want to go watch star wars.

Lara said...

Love it! A week is forever when you're young and in love!

Wonder Woman said...

We watch SO MUCH Star Wars in this house that I would probably fairly perturbed if my man suggested it for a date night. (Even as I type this, The Hulk is playing Lego Star Wars.)

But when I was 16, I didn't want watch anything with the word "star" in it. (Wars, Trek, Gate, etc.) Now, I can tell you the entire 6 movie plot and quote the best lines. I'm even thinking of going with a Star Wars theme for Halloween this year.

Tamra Watson said...

Dude...I don't think I'll ever be able to watch Star Wars again...Gag...Really?!

FYI, my sympathies go to the roommate Jeff, I recall seeing you and your man in my parents kitchen one evening...lovers, ninguem merece :)

Kimberly said...

Oh this brings back some memories! Neil and I were four hours apart throughout our whole courtship. There are a lot of movies we didn't watch together. Hee hee.

Qait said...

My husband and I have fond memories of King Kong for that reason.
As in, we didn't really remember anything from the movie...