Tuesday, May 24, 2011



so I'm well aware that I didn't post at all last week - not even our Date Night

[especially our Date Night]

and the reason is - our Date Night last week was really a Date Weekend because it was The Date of the Year, which really means it was our Anniversary

cuz My Man's buddy from school is a manager at a swanky resort, and hooked us up with three days there for free

and we basically had the time of our lives

and lived like kings

and drank pretty fruity drinks by the side of the pool

and stayed in a suite with two balconies and fluffy bathrobes and a double-headed shower and a 100000000000 thread-count comforter

and we slept like kings

and we went to the spa

and we got massages and facials

and primped like kings

and we went to a five-star restaurant

and ate edible art that we couldn't really pronounce but was beyond delicious and just thinking about it makes my mouth water and my eyes roll back in my head

so we ate like kings

and then we went horseback riding

[and my butt hurt for three days]

but it was beautiful

and we didn't really ride like kings, but it was still fun

and everything was so unbelievably idyllic and perfect and I took a ton of pictures and had composed all these breathtaking descriptions for the blog and then My Man's friend said I couldn't blog about the fact that it was free.

and i died.

because if I DIDN'T blog about the Free Aspect of our kingly weekend, I fear I would come across as this stuck-up-hoity-toity-rich-lady-who-goes-to-the-spa-and-eats-at-five-star-restaurants-like-it's-no-big-deal-kinda-chick. Not that there's anything WRONG with being a stuck-up-hoity-toity-rich-lady-who-goes-to-the-spa-and-eats-at-five-star-restaurants-like-it's-no-big-deal-kinda-chick. I'm sure they're perfectly nice. But I'm not that chick. And I don't want to come across as that chick. Because I have a complex.

so then I didn't want to write anything at all, until My Man pointed out I could just NOT MENTION THE NAME OF THE HOTEL, and that was a brilliant idea, but my buzz was already killed and our weekend was magical and that's the end.



Wonder Woman said...

I wondered where you were!

Super-duper high five YAY for The Time of Your Lives! Super-duper TRIPLE high five YAY for it being FREE!!!!!!!

I would totally have the same issue with people thinking I was hoity-toity, so I get it.

LisAway said...

Okay, how fun and awesome is THAT!! I wish some nameless hotel would sponsor a weekend like that for me and MY man! :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

hAPPY Anniversary to us!:)Mine wasn't nearly as luxurious!

Qait said...

That's so awesome! :D *sigh* maybe someday we'll have a resort-friend give us the same offer.
Mmm, wistful dreams.

*~Petra~* said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you really had a good time... even if we can't see all the ultra-cool pics... free is ALWAYS good. :)

Kimberly said...

You DESERVE it. I am so glad for you.

And I adore you for this post. All of it.

Happy Mom said...

Your posts make me happy!

(That's all I have to say)