Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In which I have an epiphany

I've decided tennis is the perfect marital sport.

My Man and I played during our Fantastical Free Weekend, in true hoity-toity fashion.

And during the many minutes I spent chasing balls, I ruminated upon the subject that is tennis.

Thing first.

It's easy to keep score. There aren't many rules. I can follow them. (I STILL don't really get football.)

It's equally masculine and feminine. There need not be any embarrassment on either side. (He would never do Pilates with me, for example.)

It is fun for all skill levels. Even if you are completely deplorable at the sport, you still spend just as much time as an expert hitting the ball back and forth. (On the other hand, when 'playing' basketball, I basically never touch the ball.)

It's a decent workout. Not much standing around, waiting. And yet you're not running constantly, either. There's room for conversation. (I think it falls somewhere in between soccer and golf.)

It's fairly accessible. And outside. Most places have tennis courts, and once you buy rackets - which can be had for cheap, if you so desire - you're done. (Ice skating and skiing this is not.)

It's easy to fit into a schedule. You can play it for fifteen minutes or two hours. (Whereas swimming you couldn't squeeze into a nap schedule.)

It's perfect for two. You don't need more people to have fun. (Baseball for one couple is laughable.)

It's fairly ageless. Young people play it. Old people play it. (I've never seen the elderly play hockey, however.)

And most of all, My Man loves it.


Danielle said...

First!! :D

You forgot to mention that you can wear really cute tennis clothes if you so choose, and it will be acceptable. (Not like the bathing suit in water sports or the tons of expensive heavy gear in winter sports!)

I don't know if you saw this when you lived in Brazil, but we just moved to the beach in Sao Paulo, and the new trend is that paddle ball game (with 2 rackets instead of one racket with the ball attached). Cheap, fun, romantic, a good workout, and on the beach! :D We are totally going to buy a pair.

Great entry, as always!

Kimberly said...

I'm so impressionable. I totally want to play RIGHT NOW.

And I'm in my pajamas, so that'd be . . . weird.

Glad for you guys!

Erin said...

Tennis is one of our favorite "dates". :-) Welcome to the marital tennis club.

Wonder Woman said...

Like Kimberly, I suddenly find myself thinking about buying tennis rackets at a thrift store and pulling Superman out of work. RIGHT NOW.

Sounds practically perfect in every way.

Katy said...

Agreed! I used to play tennis waaay back. Now I want to go play with Tim after reading this!

InkMom said...

I think people would pay actual, real dollars to see my extremely tall, extremely skinny, extremely gangly husband do pilates. I have tried to get him to come to my class just for the comic relief benefit of those of us that regularly attend, but, inexplicably, he has declined.