Monday, May 9, 2011

If you give a mom some motivation ...

She'll probably start to clean her room.

And while cleaning that room, the Ginormous Tupperware of Scrapbook Stuff is liable to drive her suddenly crazy.

And she'll want to put it away.

Then she'll decide that the best place to put it is in the kitchen hutch. Which is full of sewing materials and kids' crafts.

So then she decides to move the sewing materials into the basement cabinet, and the kids crafts into kitchen cupboards.

And then she'll realize that the basement cabinet is already stuffed, and it would be better to put up some shelves.

So she'll run to Home Depot.

And while at Home Depot, she'll notice these nifty kitchen cupboard organizers, which would help make more room for kid crafts.

So she'll buy some.

When she gets home, she'll put up the shelves, and put the sewing stuff on them.

Then she'll move the dress-up clothes from their pile on the floor to the basement cabinet.

She'll commence putting in the nifty kitchen cupboard organizers to make room for kids crafts. Which are really hard to put in.

Motivation is failing.

By the end of the day,

only one nifty cupboard organizer is put in.
kids crafts are strewn all over the kitchen.
the new sewing materials' shelves are falling down.
scrapbook stuff is still in the Ginormous Tupperware.
and her room is messier than ever.


Michelle said...

Sister! We could be besties!!! That totally descibes when I try and clean! Seriously I can't fold and put laundry away without having a domino effect of tearing each and every room in the house apart!
Hence why there is clean, unfolded laundry piles all around my house. And bathrooms are barely clean and the kitchen table is rarely used to eat at!
PS I LOVE the way you wrote this...those books are great!

Marcia said...

DO you ever watch the tv show The Middle? That is a family favorite of ours. Last week's episode about Mother's Day was like this -- and classically hilarious, just like your post :)

LisAway said...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oh man, I am familiar with these days!

Wonder Woman said...

Perfectly written and I have SSOOOOO been there! I am constantly having to remind myself to stick with whatever it is I'm doing, and THEN move on.

Melissa Bastow said...

There wasn't even a cookie in there. Next time someone offers me some motivation I'm going to say, "NO THANK YOU!!" because the last thing I want is a messier room. (And no cookie.)

Melanie Jacobson said...

I don't remember giving you permission to post about my private life . . .

Lara said...

Sigh. Why can't moms be more focused? Really? I'm still trying to finish what I started 12 hours ago, and now I'm blogging...

annie valentine said...

This is why I've been boxing up the contents of every closet and giving them to the donation centers. I can't bear the thought of reorganizing after the move.

And congrats on your man! It almost sounds like he actually deserves wonderful you.

Kimberly said...

I swear. I have had that EXACT day.

Happy Mom said...

Why is it so comforting to know that I'm not alone in my lack of completing tasks!!!

I adore you, girl!