Monday, May 9, 2011

In which I brag. A lot.

So My Man is done.


First year of his executive MBA - history.

(The yard has really missed him. I think there's a couple kids lost back there.)

On Saturday one of his classmates threw a party to celebrate. No kids? Food? Music? Adult conversation? We were so there.

The party was a smash hit. Impeccably decorated, a live calypso band, catered Hawaiian meal - wow. And these really cool candles that looked like shells.

(I'm rather simple minded.)

Oh, and my date was essentially the Homecoming King.

Every time we mingled with a different group, I heard, "There's the whiz kid! Everyone's tutor! The first one done with the final!" Vigorous back slapping and grins. I didn't realize until then that My Man has quite the reputation for brains. I mean - I know he's a genius, but usually I'm the only one who knows. I like to see him recognized.

(He is sooooo going to hate this post.)

It was beyond fun to be hanging on the arm of the most popular, well-liked guy there. I'm so flippin' proud to be his wife.

Congratulations, hun. First, ASU. Next, the world.


Danielle said...

Awesome!! Congrats to you both! Behind every genius man is his genius wife.

Also, Hawaiian food? Mmm...

Marcia said...

Wow! That year went fast :) One more? Or two?

Jenny P. said...

Yay! Congrats to the husband, and to you for hanging in there with him. Having a rockin husband totally rocks. :)

Kimberly said...

I felt that way when Neil finished. So proud I nearly burst. Sometimes I think I must have, that's how much bigger inside I feel now. =)