Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Me and billions of other people

Yesterday I dropped off two enormous boxes at Goodwill.

Contents: mismatched dishes, ghetto pots and pans (i.e. sans Teflon), a buttload of clothes that I haven't worn in ages, old Christmas decorations that don't match my house anymore.

(Do you think "buttload" would count for "terms of measurement" in Scattergories? I would totally argue it.)

I was in a hurry. I still had to go grocery shopping (why am I always out of milk? SKIM, of course), pick up flowers for two friends, drop off air mattresses for two friends, and make it back in time to watch child of one friend.

I wanted to pull up, open my trunk, dispose of said boxes, and skidaddle.

But there was a LINE.

And when I say line, I say six-car-deep line. At the Goodwill Drop-off. True story.

And I couldn't for the life of me work up the smallest inkling of ire.

Isn't it amazing that regardless of race, religion, political preference or age, the start of the new year means renewal? It means cleaning out that (possibly metaphorical - most likely an actual) closet that's been bothering us for months. It means starting over. Trying again. Reviewing what we did or didn't do in the past year, and how we're going to do better. The New Year means hope. It means expectations. It means I'm really going to do it this time.

Even if it means waiting in line.


Kazzy said...

I would wait in line for a fresh start any day! Good for you!

Terresa said...

New year, new space. Love the idea of going to Goodwill to cast off the old year, only to have to pick a number.

Thanks for the heads up. Next time I do a Goodwill drop, I'll bring a book!

DeNae said...

Of course Terresa will bring a book to the Goodwill line! She's a librarian for heaven's sake! (A beautiful one, too.)

And I'm with you: It's so good to see others quietly determining to do just a little better here and there, and to declutter their lives.

You, my dear, are a veritable dynamo however. Goodness, that list of things-to-do was really something!

Megan said...

A buttload is about 6 seams or 450 gallons... :)

JustRandi said...

I did my goodwill drop in December. I love that people do this!!

Erin said...

Ahhh, great minds think alike. (Regarding my post yesterday about getting stuff ready to take to the DI.)

P.S. I like your resolutions for this year posted in the sidebar.

MommyJ said...

I am all for buttloads... it would be different for each person though, wouldn't it? I'm guessing my buttload is probably a little bigger than a lot of other people's buttloads...

I love decluttering. I do it all the time... almost to a fault. I've actually found myself wishing that i had something that a few months ago, I'd thrown away absolutely certain I would never miss it.

rad6 said...

what I noticed is that all the things you were in a hurry for were to serve others.
Oh the goodwill lines... if only there were lines for all types of good will. We should all be in line!
Yes, clean out, do better, onward and upward!

NatalieHemingway said...

hmmmm... seems everyone was just a few days late. We always donate prior to the end of the TAX year for a deduction. You should see the lines on December 31st!

Nikki said...

I too need to make a donation. I love to gather a box together to donate. Sometimes I purposely get a big(ish) box so I have motivation to fill it. I've never had to wait in line though to donate here in California. I had to in Utah a couple times though.

And you sound like me. If I'm going to go out, I do ALL the errands I can think of. It's an ordeal to get the twins, the two year old, and four year old together with clean britches and loaded into carseats. And if I can do a bunch of errands that don't require me to actually leave the vehicle (or get the kids out of the vehicle) then I do them ALL.

Just SO said...

I'm in the process of taking our old tv and electronics to the DI. Boy does it feel good.