Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So I'm long overdue for some Thought Dumping on this 'ere Pensieve of mine. I asked y'all some questions a while back, but didn't tell you MY answers. Thoroughly unfair. So here I go.

Essential Oils.

I have some friends that are totally into them. A couple are convinced that oils could cure the national debt, if applied correctly. But most use them in conjunction with practical use of the medical community. I fall in the latter category.

I became a convert when lavender oil cleared up the NBC's eczema completely. No, really. Hydrocortisone didn't work. Lotions didn't work. Lavender oil. It works.

I also rub peppermint oil on upset tummies, but it may be placebo effect. That's okay. It smells nice.

Homeschooling/Deep Thoughts on Parenting

This is big for me, and hard to put concisely into a vague white space on the internet. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes pondering and praying going on behind the following emotional vomit.

Essentially, I started listing all the reasons I want to homeschool, and all the reasons I wouldn't want to. I came up with exactly ONE reason I didn't want to.


All the reasons I do want to homeschool? Every. Single. One of them. About me. About what *I* want.

Not my kids. Me. I was being utterly selfish.

Additionally, almost all of the 'pros,' upon further scrutiny, are NOT exclusive to homeschooling. With some better planning and organization, I CAN do morning devotionals. I CAN spend more time with Little Prince if I have dinner ready before he gets home from school. I CAN take him on awesome field trips and hands-on learning experiences if I use his half-days, Saturdays, and holidays wisely.


I'm at peace with it now. Thank you.

Into the Woods

I know a lot of you liked it. But to be honest - I didn't. There was a bitter undertone that gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. (And I doubt peppermint oil could have helped.)

*spoiler alert! If you haven't seen it, but want to, don't read the following paragraphs*

We purposely didn't stay for the second half after my mom told us about it. The princes get sick of their wives? The baker's wife grows bored with her husband? Seduction and adultery and "real life"?

I object.

There were warning signs around the theater - and in the program - and announced before the show started - that Act II would not be appropriate for children. Because it told the "true story" of "what happens after happily ever after."

Well, Mr. Whoever-wrote-Into-the-Woods. I'm LIVING the true story of AFTER happily ever after. And it's better than ever. 

I could rant about this for at least another hour, but I won't.

The songs were fun. (I especially liked the princes' "Agony" - and the witch's songs.) And I liked that they stuck (for the most part) to the original Brothers Grimm. The set was incredible, the actors talented, the costumes divine. But the plot? It made me feel very sorry for the playwright, if that's how he really views life.


Also, I'm thinking that it's a terrible time to start dieting right when two kids are sick.

Are you having any thoughts today?


Master P said...

1. I have the same agony over homeschooling - and you just gave me so much peace. Thank you for sharing your thought process!!

2. Into the Woods. Great music! What a HORRIBLE second half. Really. Even the music is better in the first half - everything is. I pity the playwright too. What a miserable life.

3. I've heard that about lavender oil, but absolutely forgotten about ti! I'm totally rubbing some all over the Dude right now.

4. I love you. Have I mentioned that lately? Cuz I do.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I also felt that the reasons I would want to keep them home for homeschooling and "to myself" were about Me...or about my fears on their behalf. When I stop thinking about what I want, I realize they do have what it takes to make it in "the world" and I will help them through whatever comes. I am also determined to make the most of every moment and teach them the things that only I can teach them. Guy goes to all-day kindergarten next year. So we'll see how that goes...in fact, tomorrow is Kindergarten registration!!!

Thoughts on my mind today...a sunburn two days in a row and plants that I probably shouldn't have bought, but that I need to get in the ground tonight! Why do I do this to myself?

RH said...

Jojoba Oil. I used it on Amandine with her eczema for years. It would clear it up beautifully.

The Prices said...

I love hearing all of your thoughts. I too have decided instead of homeschooling to just use the time we do have together more wisely. Glad you're at peace.

Rachel Sue said...

1. Lavender oil? just straight up? My son has the worst eczema. Ever. coconut oil helps. Please expound.

2. On the homeschooling thing, I'm with you on using the moments you do have. Cause I know that I am not capable of pulling together homeschool.

3. One of the reasons that I love Into the Woods so much is the very, very end. I think I have seen too much and been through too much because the ending to me isn't cynical, it's sadly realistic. BUT at the very end, after the worst has happened, the survivors pull together to form a family. It's about the hope that even after the worst there can still be another happily ever after. Not quite the way originally planned, but it is still possible. Anyway. That's just me. Just thought I would share. And hijack your comments.

Harmony said...

I don't have any deep thoughts today.

My only thought is that i LOVE that you used the phrase "emotional vomit." Dynamite, sister.

Elizabeth said...

Oddly, my reason for NOT homeschooling is completely selfish. I become a person I don't like when I try to homeschool. I have enough ogre moments as it is (less now that I'm in school) and I knew that whatever academic benefit my kids might get from homeschooling (I can tailor the lessons to exactly where they are!) the downside (evil mean snippy impatient angry mommy) was ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH IT. And public school? Social skills are good. Being exposed to evil is not bad if they are taught how to deal with it appropriately. It's like immunizations and germs. If you're never exposed at all you never develop antibodies. I'm not going to shelter my kids so much that they have no understanding of what they're up against. They need to be strong, and righteousness requires opposition to exist. So yeah. I'm not the "right" kind of person to homeschool, so my kids are "stuck" with public school. I just don't consider homeschooling an option.

Into the Woods I really like. There are some very worthwhile moments in the second half and, well, even the stupid characters have their uses. The princes are stereotypically awful, but funny. To be honest, I pretty much always skip the second half when I watch it, but it's absolutely worth watching once. To me, the reason the second half is what it is is because the characters in the first half are inherently flawed. The princes are arrogant jerks, Jack is hasty and thoughtless, etc. The second half is a natural result of the lack of character growth in the first half. And the ending is hopeful. So although I don't find the second half very entertaining (I rather like the witch's song regardless) I still find it worth watching. Once. (Try the film version. It's pretty good.)

Qait said...

The only Into the Woods I'm acquainted with is the book by Lyn Gardner and Mini Grey-- it's a cute one, and the plot's quite entertaining.
I liked your thoughts on everything, homeschool and oils and After Happily Ever After. :)
Ender's still little, so I haven't thought very deeply about homeschool, but I know myself well enough that I think if I ever did it, it would be a half day of homeschool with a half day of public.
About half of my school years were homeschool, and even though I loved a lot of aspects, I felt like it was terribly lonely--as much as I LOVE my family, I needed an outside social life.
Of course, Ender's feelings will weigh heavily in any decision.
But I really respect you for coming to a solid decision.

Kimberly said...

So loved reading this.

I'm living the after too, and it's the best bit. The happiest bit.